Do It Like Diana: Oversized Sweater Trends Fit for a Princess

The ever influential Princess Diana's style lives on to this day as 90's fashion circles back into the mainstream media. With the oversized sweater trends popping up all over Instagram and popularized by celebs (I'm sure Ariana Grande comes to mind) I thought I would go a bit in-depth i…

Interviewing My Mother

Happy Mother's Day! 
Like many people, I'm at home with my Mom today celebrating Mother's Day, and I decided about a month ago that this year I'd like to interview my Mom and ask her some questions about her life and her journey in motherhood. I found some questions from a bunch of d…

Euphoria: Vintage in the Modern World

Like most people, I came across ‘thrifting’ accidentally: in my YouTube recommendations eight years ago. I saw videos upon videos of people looking through piles of old clothing in search of that one good piece. Now, I find myself doing the same at thrift stores throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.