Journey to Waseda: Study Abroad Orientation

My first official Vlog! Sorry for the awkwardness and the hiccups, I'll have to work on being more natural in front of the camera.
Hope you like it!

Daily Life: Study Abroad Orientation, A New Camera and Finals

There's less than one month of school left and I have to say -- I'm not ready. In the midst of midterms everyone thinks 'God, I can't wait for this to be over.' but now that I'm staring summer vacation in the face I realize I'm not ready.
My sophomore year was a drastic …

My Weekend in Albany

This weekend I went out and explored the city of Albany, one day with my boyfriend and the other with my friend Marina. I really love exploring areas I've never been to before, and so I documented my adventures via photos and a short video compilation. I hope you like it!
Here was my Saturday o…