My Weekend in Albany

This weekend I went out and explored the city of Albany, one day with my boyfriend and the other with my friend Marina. I really love exploring areas I've never been to before, and so I documented my adventures via photos and a short video compilation. I hope you like it!

Here was my Saturday outfit, taken by my lovely boyfriend/photographer.

I went to a cute little local bookstore with Vincent. It felt so comfy and warm, and they had a lot of interesting books! Usually it's hard for me to find a book I want to read, but I found some good reads while wandering around. They have cute tags next to some of the books that have little blurbs about what the book is about, which I found adorable.

Next, we decided to stop at Bountiful Bread, which gave off such cozy but minimal vibes. The food was awesome (better than Panera - Vincent) and we will definitely be coming back. I really recommend their pressed sandwich options, and they had such delicious vegan desserts! 

Lastly, we took a look around the shops and found this collection of handmade soaps, lotions and bath bombs made by a local woman in Albany. Vincent and I loved the Moonshine scented lotion, but it was sold out at that time. Still, I had to snap a photo of the awesome display and the beautiful soaps!

The soap I loved the most, but found too beautiful to actually use.

I took this photo Saturday night. Honestly, I've been dreaming about taking this photo, and I've had the idea for a while now. I always tell Vincent he could be a model, and when I pitched the idea to him he replied with a simple 'Okay'. This photo came out better than I imagined, and I truly feel like this is the best photo I have ever taken. My inspiration for this was just happy, carefree innocence.  

 I messaged Marina late at night and asked her if she would want to hit the town tomorrow. Instantly she responded with 'Of course!' and it was decided. The weather was amazing, as if encouraging us to adventure downtown. We decided to just take a stroll down Lark Street and see what we find (evidently just a LOT of cafes).

We ate breakfast at The Daily Grind, a stylish, small cafe. I've been here once before, but coming with Marina was way more fun.

Marina got a chocolate chip muffin
The setup. I ordered a chai smoothie, which was great. Marina got a mango smoothie and a potato soup in a cup. She was dying over her smoothie-- totally loved it. I got a mozzarella, red pepper and basil pesto sandwich on Ciabatta bread. It was a bit heavy on the cheese but overall a really filling and great sandwich.

 Marina looking stylish~ Serious model potential here folks.


As you can see, I'm making great use of my Polaroid camera.

After we explored, we headed to the mall an hour before it closed and just spend some time shopping around. We ended up getting some adorable matching rings from Forever21.

We also got bubble tea, which Marina took a picture of and I didn't. I was too busy basically inhaling it...

I made a little vlog-esque video of Marina and I preparing to headed to out and ultimately battling the Albany wind.

Thanks for reading!