Art Museum and Chill?

Hi there~ I am finally back with another vlog, really trying to get the hang of vlogging!

So I decided to head over to Lily's to stay the night, and I'm really glad I did. Lily's family has welcomed me with open arms and have continuously told me 'If you ever feel lonely you can come here.'. After my Waseda Orientation, I waited for hours for my packages in my apartment, and then headed out to see her.

One thing that I really dislike about Japan is that you have to physically be there in person to receive your package. If not, you have to schedule a re-delivery date. In NY, if your package arrived, they just put it at the door and you picked it up when you got back from work/school. 

So far I've wasted about 5 hours just sitting at home waiting for packages so I can move on with my day. Right now, as I write this, I desperately need to run to the convenience store to pick up trash bags, but I'm afraid to leave my house and miss my package. Sigh.

Addressing the orientation: We got a break at about 1:35 pm, and I knew I was really NOT about to sit there for another 4 hours having the presenters read off slides we literally had copies of right in front of us. I gathered my things and went home, where I set up my Waseda email account (something the orientation people didn't do until 5 pm. Heck no). 

Taking the trains were a super stressful expierence, but after you do it once you can kind of memorize the route and know where you're going. All I have to say is, thank god for Google Maps.

Bonus Info you didn't see in this vlog:

Lily and I were actually interviewed to be on TV. We went to a small Halloween shop and the local Machida news was there doing a piece about the shop. They interviewed us and took some shots of us walking around the shop. It was really a cool, kind of awkward, expierence! lol

So I'll be looking for the broadcast and recording it when it comes out~

Hope you liked the vlog!