Flying to Japan~

Hi there~ I've created some vlogs you can view on my channel 'Sincerely Alice' on Youtube

My most recent video includes details of my flight~

This whole journey really became real to me as I sat in my seat on the plane. The gut feeling of nervousness finally sunk to the pit of my stomach! There was an hour and a half delay while sitting on the plane, so I had all the time in the world to sit there and soak up the feeling.

What really impressed me about this flight, besides the great vegan options, was how polite and apologetic literally everyone on the crew was. I received apologies from every stewardess, and from another woman who I believe was selling goods sponsored by JAL.

By the time the food came I was absolutely starving, so please excuse my terrible vlogging at that time !!! After I ate I knocked out for about 9 hours and actually slept pretty well! I woke up super groggy and ate my next meal, though I didn't really feel hungry.

I spent the rest of the plane ride playing the most frustrating game of tetris ever. The controller was super sensitive so sometimes my thumb would slightly shift and it would just send a piece wherever. Not cool!! But it kept me entertained for another 2 and a half hours.

Going through immigration, I had to go to the 'Mid to Long Term Resident' area. Including time on line, it took me about 40 minutes to go through immigration and customs. I couldn't take any photos or videos because there were many signs indicating that was a very illegal thing to do.

After that, I met my driver at the arrival gate and I hopped in a car to go to Lily's house! That's about where this vlog ends, but I'll pick up the next day! 

Stay tuned!