Eyelash Perming in Tokyo

I recently decided I wanted to perm my eyelashes. This conclusion came to me as I struggled for 20 minutes to properly apply false lashes for a night out. I huffed, gave up, and looked up a place to get my eyelashes permed. I found a salon relatively close to me, in Kabukicho, with an affordable price tag. The most important factor in me deciding to chose this place was that, upon Googling some reviews, most of them said this place was professional, clean and did a great job!

I made my appointment by phone, but you can also schedule an appointment through the site Hot Pepper. Hot Pepper is a widely used beauty site in Japan, and many salons use Hot Pepper to offer special deals and make online reservations easily.

This is the name of the site! Hopefully this helps you find it easily on Hot Pepper!

As you can see there's a button to make a reservation (予約) on the side, as well as an option to follow the store.

Here are some of their eyelash perm coupons! I used the top one.
I scheduled my appointment at 1 and showed up at about 12:50. It's VERY easy to miss this shop because it's on the second floor of a building. The first floor is actually a bar with the same name. It's a grey/blue building, and the staircase going up to the clinic is to the right. 

When you first enter you're given a chart to fill out, which includes your name, birthday, appointment date, address, phone number and blood type. I didn't know my blood type, so I left that blank. The technician let me know that blood type wasn't necessary for this procedure so I was fine! This salon also offers body contouring services, which is why I assume they inquire about blood type.

I apologize in advance for the low quality photos, I only had my phone with me for my appointment because I thought I wouldn't be allowed to take photos.

After I submitted my chart, I was led into this room!

The technician first measured my eyelashes to make sure they were even on both sides, then had me close my eyes. I can't say I know what the process was exactly, but essentially a plastic piece is placed on the crease and the eyelashes are covered in perm solution, adhering to the piece. The solution is left on for about 20 minutes or so, and then removed. After the perm, I was also given an eyelash 'treatment'.

While the technician was applying the perm solution, I did have the urge to open my eyes simply because I knew I shouldn't. There was no discomfort, and it was actually an extremely relaxing experience. When the technician let the solution dry for 20 minutes, she turned off the lights, set my cot to 'heated mode' and left me to relax. I almost fell asleep, and I felt super peaceful.

After 20 minutes, the solution was removed and I was given a short 'treatment'. I'm not exactly sure what the treatment entailed, but my eyelashes felt great after. I will say that when the treatment was applied I did feel a very very slight tingling/burning sensation towards the bottom of my eye, but it was pretty much unnoticeable. After the treatment was washed off, my eyes felt fine and the burning feeling was totally gone.

Here are my eyelashes with no mascara!

Here are my eyelashes with mascara!

Honestly, the results are so pretty and I'm really really happy with the entire process. I can say for sure I am a satisfied customer and definitely recommend this salon. In my excitement, I forgot to take a before and after photo, but I assure you my eyelashes were incredibly elongated by this procedure! 

Before I left I was given a discount coupon for their other services, along with a free drink of choice from the bar. I chose iced green tea! I plan to come back here in the future and use my coupon to get my nails done.

I hope this review was helpful!! 


  1. What a fun experience! I hope you have a blast living abroad :)

  2. Wow sounds like you had a really good time. I didn't even know there was eyelash perming. I really enjoyed how detailed your post was great job.

  3. Woah! Totally wanna give these a go! But a bit scared to. My cousin started perming her lashes and they all fell out :(!!


    1. oh my gosh really? I didn't even know that was a thing!!! Your lashes go through a cycle every few months so its natural for some to fall out but all of them? She should talk to the person who permed her eyelashes.

  4. Wow your eyelashes look amazing! They did a great job. xo, Suzanne

  5. I’m amazed you can even perm lashes. What a great idea for woman who seek that everlasting curl.


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