Shaving my head in Japan! (VLOG)

While searching up new hairstyles on Youtube, I came across a couple videos of girls giving themselves a cut called a Deathhawk. It's basically a mohawk, but a lot wider. I've never shaved my head in any capacity before, but I really wanted to change up my style.

So, I decided I would do it! 

I asked my friend Iona to come with me for support, and I headed out to Shin Okubo, a Koreatown in Japan.

I picked Koreatown because I had been in the area the past few days, and discovered a tiny hair salon down one of the streets. When I asked how much it would cost to shave my sides, the hairdresser replied that it costs 1000 yen ($10). Needless to say, I booked an appointment for the next day.

In the video, I give a shout-out to my Mom, who lives in fear of my crazy hair adventures. Before I shaved it, I hinted that I was doing something wild with my hair, and she was not excited. Thankfully, she ended up liking the shaved look in the end!

Towards the end of the video, I head to an arcade with Iona. Iona introduced me to my new favorite arcade game: Taiko. I encourage everyone to visit an arcade in Japan if you have time!

I hope you enjoy this vlog!