I've decided to take the plunge and start dialing and creating my own Memrise sets.  I took a stab at it about a year ago when I tried to make a course for a class I was taking,  but for some reason, I couldn't make my courses look as fancy or nice as the others that were pre-made by users.  However, I recently picked up one of the volumes of manga that I bought when I was in Hokkaido and decided that I would do my best to finish it.  I didn't expect that I would finish it so quickly though,  and I managed to wrap up the whole book in only 2 days!  I talked about my studying methods and I came to reading books in this video:

In this video, I basically detailed my study method for reading: take a highlighter to a book and highlight all the words I don't know.  I then use a dictionary app such as Jisho.org to search the words and understand the meanings.

I wanted to take that method a step further and really make sure that I retain the vocabulary from whatever I read, so I've decided that this time when I open my book I should also create a corresponding Memrise course. Despite being someone who usually hates reading, I flew through this book with a surprising amount of ease, and it felt AWESOME.  If you're a language learner you know how awesome it feels to understand everything on a page,  so I was operating off of that high!

Here is my first set which is volume 1 of the manga. (Click for link to set) 

It contains a little over a hundred words with their readings, kanji, and English meaning.  I also created levels in which it breaks up new words via chapter, so if you actually have the book you can follow along. The words go in order of the book's pages! Lastly, I added a feature where the course tests you on the Kanji as well as the reading for each Level.

All the voice recordings are my own voice!

For the first set Level 1 is a bit long because I was just starting to read so my vocab wasn't great, just a warning! lol

The second course is for the second volume of the manga! (Click for link to set)

The same things apply in regards to levels, whats offered inside the course, and voice recordings. I just finished doing all the voiceovers for the audio yesterday, so I hope you enjoy them and that they aid in the learning process! I feel like this volume has more digestible levels, as compared to level 1 in the first set.

Click here for this set!

Since I did two volumes of this manga already I was apprehensive to do another one because I felt like all the words would just repeat. While I was in the city with some friends I spotted I caught my eye so I decided to pick it up. 
I just designed this course recently so please comment below if there are any mistakes that you find and I will correct them as soon as possible!

I think I'm starting to get a hang of creating courses so I'm really excited for what the future holds regarding making more sets! As you may notice for my screenshots, I really haven't begun to study my self-made sets because I've been focusing on another course. I'm currently doing a JLPT N3 course that has a little bit over 3.5k words. 

My goal for the rest of the year is to completely finish this course so that I can properly say I'm studying for N2 and then I can focus on picking up words from my literary adventures :)

I hope these sets can be helpful to your studies and look out for more sets created by me in the future!