Witchy Things: November 2018

My group started scrying recently, so here is the log from our first session. I took some photos as well, so I hope you enjoy those!

We used:

  • two purple candles, one dark one light
  • small crystal ball
  • salt lamp
  • black candle
  • small bell
  • tarot decks (for fun!)

Things to know when scrying: 

Try to focus on a question you want to ask the crystal ball and visualize. Ask for general advice or about the relationship between you and your crystal ball.

Some notes I took during the session:

  • I asked a member why a black candle was used. I found out that black candles are typically used to banish negative energy.
  • A dark and light set of purple candles can be used for connection to spirituality or spiritual strength.
  • When scrying, everyone around the table or circle should be quiet, to ensure the person scrying can properly visualize.
  • For this session, in particular, the crystal ball we used was a bit small. In the future, we may need a bigger crystal ball in the future.
  • I advise all beginners to take notes during the session and write down questions you would like to ask. Any information you learn can be reflected on!

I also created a sigil and spell to help strengthen the friendship of the group. 

I got this sigil using the Saturn method and writing the words 'Strengthen Friendship'. 

I'm still decided how exactly I'd like to use this image in a spell, I've seen a lot of people write sigils on papers or bay leaves and burn them, however, this method is not very dorm room friendly. I'm working on how this can be modified for college witches, but for now, I recommend writing this with water that has been blessed.

Here is the spell! I recommend to drink strawberry tea and pass it around in a chalice. Strawberry represents friendship in this spell. I got this spell from another blog that gave an amazing non-binary inclusive version of a friendship spell, so this is friendly to witches and warlocks alike :)

Grasp hands and recite:

“We are gathered in friendship, children of Eve,
As individual and beautiful as the colours of the rainbow,
Yet we are one.
A friendship bound by blood and the call of the moon.
Never let us forget our heritage, our true worth and our craft. 
Henceforth let this moonstone remind us that we are rainbow children,
Bless us with the love and support of enduring friendship.”