A Day in Tokyo Disneyland

The long-awaited Disney post has come! Vincent and I had an incredible day at Disney, I was a little surprised that everything played out so perfectly. It was a very chilly day but that didn't stop us from staying until 9pm!

I arranged to meet up with my good friends Mame and Ryry for this day at Disney and I could not have been in better company. I had such a fun time with them, and Vincent and Ryry really clicked. Ryry assumed the guide role very well, and he had control of the map most of the day, which was totally fine with me! I was happy to just walk around and follow the flow.

Here is our video!

I will warn in advance that this vlog does not contain video footage of rides. To my surprise, almost all the rides that we went on were super dark. We went on one ride, the name escapes me at this moment but I think it was in Tomorrowland, where it was totally pitch black except for some stars. I also wanted to just be in the moment and enjoy the rides, so the only footage included in the vlog was our ride on 'It's A Small World'!

For those who have never been to Tokyo Disney, Vincent said it was exactly like Disney World in Florida, but on a smaller scale. They have various lands like Tomorrowland and Adventureland, but it's more condensed. I feel like this park is very do-able in one day if you come when it's not too crowded. I planned with Ryry ahead of time as to which day would be best to go and we found that the 10th was predicted to have very small crowds, supposedly less than 10,000 people in the park.

I have to say, it was a pretty empty park day! It was still busy, but the waits for rides were almost nothing. We walked unto a lot of rides, and the only time we really sat around on a line was towards the end of the night. We got caught in the rush of people looking to get one more ride in before the park's closure. Even so, at that time we only waited in line for 30 minutes! The wait flew by for me because there was an adorable baby right ahead of us and I was obsessed with her the entire time.

Of course, Vincent and I had to take a cute couple photo in front of the castle~

This was one of the most memorable days of our trip, and I remember walking around and thinking that I was so lucky to be here. I felt so lucky to be standing on a line, halfway across the world from my friends and family. The freezing breeze was making my hands red, but I snapped all these photos and videos happily. I want to thank Mame and Ryry for showing Vincent and I around. We couldn't have had a better time, and as I watched the fireworks I was overwhelmed with a gratefulness I can't put into words. I am so happy that Vincent and I embarked on this journey together.

I'll admit I was nervous about traveling internationally with him, but my worries melted away as soon as we headed out. Time and time again on our trip he showed me what love looks like. Every ride we rode that we sat beside each other, our hands were intertwined. Every time we sat beside each other, we whispered 'I love you' when we thought Mame and Ryry were busy chatting away.

I treasure the photos I have from this day, it shows pure happiness that only the magic of Disney could reveal to me.