raspberry picking in the fall

Vincent and I decided to go on a date this weekend and go raspberry picking, which neither of us has done before. It was an incredibly relaxing and fun experience. If you ever have a chance to pick raspberries I highly recommend it!

We went to a place in CT called Bishops Orchards, which has a lot of fun things to do. They had a pumpkin patch, apple picking, an ice cream shop, and a farmers market as well! As we walked through the parking lot I could smell fresh popcorn being popped right outside the entrance to the market.

The raspberry fields were about a half a mile away from the shop location, so we hopped in the car and headed there. I noticed that there were not many people picking raspberries, only about 4 or 5. There also weren't many people speaking, and I soon discovered why.

Raspberry picking is a silent, simple type of fun. Vincent and I barely spoke as we walked around to each bushel, lifting up leaves and plopping a raspberry or two into the bucket he held.

It might be a bit difficult for kids to join in on the fun because raspberry picking, compared to apple picking, is a bit more specific when it comes to what should or should not be picked.

Instinctually, I wanted to pick the darker colored raspberries, but I was informed by a sign outside that the best ones are the ones that are lighter pink in color, rather than a plum or dark red.

Raspberry bushes are quite thorny, so when you go picking try to wear some light gloves or use your sleeves to lift up leaves and pick them.

I got this black pageboy hat from Shein this week and I'm in love with it! The brown dress I'm wearing is also from Shein. I'm debating making a full outfit post about what I received, but I'm not the best at taking 'fashion' type photos.

In the end, we picked just under a pound of raspberries, and we spent the car ride back to the orchard discussing what we should do with them. Vincent just wants to eat them as they are, but I think I could make a yummy tart from them.

We did a small food shop in the market and then decided to stop for some ice cream before heading home. There were so many things to buy in the market, I wish I could shop there every time I needed food. I will say that the total was a bit expensive, but a lot of the goods we picked up were homemade or specialty items so it's to be expected.

Speaking of specialty, I picked up this incredible looking rainbow donut for only 99 cents, as well as some hot apple cider. The donut didn't taste any different than a normal donut, but it looked amazing! I kept staring at the inside every time I took a bite. As for the hot apple cider, it did make me a target for bees, but it was delicious!


When I finally got around to getting ice cream, I was so overwhelmed by all the different flavors. I didn't make my mind up until I was standing right at the register. I had originally wanted to get cake batter, which is what I always get when I have ice cream anywhere, but I took a chance and tried one of their new fall flavors.

It had chocolate caramel pieces mixed into vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl. It was delicious! I took a bite of it and then immediately thought "Oh my gosh... I have to take a photo." so I swung it around so you can't see my bite mark! haha

I'm debating coming back next weekend with some friends so we can all enjoy the fall season. If you are in the area, please head on over to Bishops Orchards and try any one of their awesome ice cream flavors. They are all homemade!

Thank you very much for reading, see you next time~