July in Photos (2020)

Somehow, I haven't updated this blog in almost a month. At first, I thought I'd write a post as the ideas came to me, but as none did I started delaying the writing process hoping for 'the perfect post' to pop into my head. Needless to say, that post idea never came. I faced a common problem I have with this blog: wanting to write a post but worrying it wouldn't be 'entertaining enough' for anyone to read. I have to keep reminding myself that my blog is a time capsule and place of self-expression rather than a place for entertaining others!

Spending July stuck at home is funny. You see the beautiful greenery outside, you open the window and feel the hot and humid air, you dress in warm weather clothes, and yet you also spend each day seeing no one and sitting in air conditioning. This is the most humid, rainy summer I have ever experienced in New York. It reminds me of summer days spent in Japan when I would carry a small handkerchief in my bag to dab my forehead sweat.

If I didn't have a job, I might have lost track of the days. My routine hasn't changed much from May and June: I wake up, make breakfast, work all day, and then spend my evenings studying or talking with friends. Rinse and repeat this for 23 days, and that's how I've spent my July. It's anything but a typical summer for everyone this year, and though there isn't much happening to share, these little moments in my life are ones that I might want to look back on someday and remember 'Ah, yes. The year we all spent the summer indoors.'

I did manage to go out once and spend a day in the heat. I went to the beach with some friends, while maintaining social distancing guidelines, and it was a really great experience. I'm not much of a beach kind of girl, but I was itching to get into the water. After being stuck inside for so long, sitting on a picnic blanket eating cherries and onigiri in the summer heat felt like a dream come alive. We laid our blankets under the shade of a tree, took photos together, and planned our next day trip. In the evening, we drove to the Hudson and sat on some rocks, just catching the sunset before it hid behind the mountains. It was a peaceful day I could re-live again and again.

This month, I felt my progress in French slow down a bit. I've gotten to an A2 level, so I decided to challenge myself and start taking a B1/B2 online course for the next 6 weeks to break through the plateau and keep improving. So far, I'm really enjoying it. I'll get around to writing a detailed post about learning French one of these days, I promise :)

Lastly, I turn 23 in a few days. I'm not going to have much of a celebration this year, the world situation considered, but my birthday is always a time for me to reflect. Reflect on my friendships, my journey to happiness, and how lucky I am to be who I am and have what I have. Expect a birthday post in a few days, hopefully, I'll have some more insight to share as a newly 23-year-old girl.
As always, thank you for reading.