A Snow Day in Quarantine

A day in the snow with my younger sister. We haven't played together outside for a few years now, but quarantine boredom leads you to crave any kind of outside activity. It was really fun. Though the snow wasn't the best for throwing snowballs, despite the massive chunk of snow my sister is launching at me in this photo, we had a lot of fun jumping around and sinking into the mounds of snow on our porch.

We used some plastic pots that were covered with snow to make a 'snow castle'! It actually worked better than we both expected and was a lot of fun to build. After putting it all together, we stared at it for a couple seconds, and then Gabby promptly kicked it into dust. At his point we were both freezing cold and thinking "Okay we should go inside." so this was our grand finale of sorts.

Gabby making a snow angel (or possibly just laying in the snow...?).

After playing in the snow, our Mom made us some hot chocolate with marshmallows. If you haven't tried hot chocolate with almond milk, I really recommend it! I think it gives it a fuller and thicker type of texture. In the background, you can see my sister's icy snow gloves. Having a hot cup of cocoa after being outside was one of the comfiest feelings I've experienced this year :)