My New Years Resolutions for 2021

This year I did something different and did a 6-month check-in on my goals to see what I did and did not accomplish. You can read that post from June here, or scroll down to get a bit of a summary!

The time has come again for me to set my goals for the new year, and I'm really excited for what 2021 has to offer. I have a gut feeling my life is going to undergo big changes in 2021, which made this year a bit hard to conceptualize when it came to my goals.

2020 Goals (What I did and didn't accomplish)

⚠️ A work in progress
⭕ Success!
❌ Fail

❌ Pass N2

As you may have read in my other post, I did not pass N2 and I'm not too surprised by it. I don't do a lot of reading in Japanese and I think that would have given me a very significant leg up on the exam if I was doing that on a weekly basis. I used 2020 as the year I focused on French, so maybe in 2021 I will start refocusing on Japanese and see if I can pass on my second try!

⭕ Pay off all my loans

As of March 2020, I am totally debt-free, which is something I'm really blessed to say. Through savings and help from my parents, I've been able to make this resolution a reality and I'm really glad!

⚠️ Become conversational in French

This one is really hard for me to personally evaluate. Am I conversationally fluent in French? I would say for now "not yet". Guillaume said yes but I think he's just being nice. I'm currently studying B1 level grammar and can understand/read at that level, but my speaking leaves a lot to be desired and my lack of progress in that area is frustrating, to say the least. I plan to continue working hard on French in 2021!

❌Maintain my weight loss

This resolution was a difficult one. My weight has gone up and down this year, which has caused me a bit of grief. I ended up speaking with a specialist during the summer regarding my eating tendencies and together we worked on trying to intuitively eat, among other things. My body's "set point" seems to be at 114lbs which looks fine on my frame, but I'm not satisfied with the state of my stomach, so I've tried to do various forms of exercise. However, I fall into a pattern of eating too little and exercising too much to then trying to be loose with my diet and not exercise at all. 

This has caused a minor yoyo to occur time and time again and has brought on some discomfort and mental distress. Though this is a fail, I don't think my overall health is worse than when I was 107lbs, and I can say that my mental state is better as I'm not worrying about every calorie I consume. I go through manic periods of both extremes, but it's something I'm aware of and constantly trying to battle. 

⭕Get a full-time job I love

Like I stated in my 6-month update, this was a success and I am very happy at my current place of work. It is definitely challenging at times since I am encountering things I've never done before fairly often, but my coworkers are very patient with me and I try to pick things up as quickly as possible. I'm not sure if it's my dream job or a "perfect fit" but I am very aware of how lucky I am to be employed by this particular company, especially in times like these. 

The concept of the "perfect job" is something I've been unpacking a lot lately. I think rather than trying to place employment at the top of my 'happiness pyramid' and questing for the absolute best career that would "never feel like work", I'd rather be content with a job that challenges me and feel fulfilled in activities outside of work. I think that's right for me!

2021 Goals and Resolutions: 

Reach Level 100 in Ring Fit Adventure

I got Ring Fit Adventure for Christmas and I have been loving it. I have been exercising off and on and always struggle to find the motivation to keep the habit going, so I've decided to task myself with reaching level 100 in Ring Fit adventure. This will require me to focus and build a habit by playing the game often, and it will also help me tone and build muscle! 

Achieve B1 Fluency in French

I originally wrote down 'B2' but I'm hesitant to set that as my goal when I have so many other tasks. Ultimately, I want to be able to read/understand at a B2 level, but my main focus for stating B1 is to be able to pass the DELF exam for B1 (if I needed to take it). I've taken some practice tests for A2 and they have been mixed, so I'd really like to be confident about passing the B1 level by the end of next year, with the intention of going right to B2. My weakest areas are the interview portion and the essay writing section, so I know I need to hone these in 2021.

Save $40,000

Every year I set a money goal, and 2021 is no different. I want to make sure I have plenty of savings for the other things I want to accomplish (read below for more detail on that) so I want to save $40k by the end of next year. I am very confident that if I continue with my current saving and spending habits, I can read this number by summer 2021. 

Move out of my parents home

Now you see why I need to save so much! I'm currently living at home with my parents, rent and debt-free, which is a blessing. I don't own many things and have tried to limit my living space to things I really need, which has created a sort of 'apartment-like' vibe to my bedroom. However, I would really like a space I can call totally my own. A small, simple apartment with my boyfriend is my ultimate goal. I'm not sure whether this future apartment will be in New York or France, so I want to make sure I have ample savings to accommodate whatever visa situation I may encounter. 

Simplify my life

I know this goal sounds broad, so I will try to break it down into a few ideas on how I can accomplish this: 

I'd like to spend a lot less time on my phone. I try to actively avoid my phone during the day and look at it a few times to answer various messages that pop up, but I'd really love to get to the point where I could ignore my phone for an entire day. Since I'm in a long-distance relationship that's currently not possible, but as 2021 is the year we plan to close the gap, I'm hoping this can become a reality. 

I'd like to own less. My room is very minimal. I have a small sofa, a bed, a small rounded table, one chair and a rug. I don't like to collect things, I don't have expensive hobbies, and I tend to throw away/donate things I don't actively use in my day to day life. However, I have a lot of clothes (in my opinion). When I move out I'd like to pair down my wardrobe to only my "loves" and further reduce the items I have. A clean, minimal space just helps me feel more energized and focused.

I'd like to watch less Youtube and read more. I have a Youtube problem, I'll admit that. I close the tab and then open it back up again a second later. I've wasted countless hours watching pointless videos and I'd really like to nip this bad habit in the bud and start reading again. I hope I can increase my productivity and stop watching videos just to 'pass time'. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know your resolutions! Unfortunately, my comments section is broken at the moment but I am working on repairing it! 

Thank you for reading.

Have a happy new year everyone!