6 Month Update: My 2021 Resolutions

Hello my dear friends.

I hope you are doing well! Can you believe that 6 months have already flown by? I did a 6-month update to my New Year's resolutions back in 2020 to see how well I was upholding my resolutions, and I really enjoyed writing that post! Not only did it show me what I had done so far, it also reminded me of those resolutions. When I ask people "What were your resolutions for this year?" I usually get silence followed by "I don't even remember!" and I have to admit I'm a bit guilty of that too

This 6 month check in has helped me reset and refocus in the middle of the year to create a "new summer start" so I thought it'd be a nice idea to try it again and see what I've accomplished and what I still need to work on before the end of 2021. 

2021 Goals (What I did and didn't accomplish so far)

⚠️ A work in progress
⭕ Success!
❌ Fail

⭕ Reach Level 100 in Ring Fit Adventure

I did it! I worked really hard on ring fit for a full month, playing everyday for about 30 minutes to an hour, and then I hit a wall after I was away from home for a bit and couldn't play. I find the game really fun but it's become hard to find time to play now that I'm going into the office on a hybrid schedule. However, I was able to hit level 100 while playing on and off! 

⭕? ⚠️? Achieve B1 Fluency in French

I asked Guillaume if he thought I had reached B1 so far this year and he answered with an enthusiastic "Yes!". He and I have been reading Harry Potter together in French and it has been an AMAZING tool for increasing my comprehension. I will say my essay writing skills definitely have room for improvement so I don't feel totally comfortable checking off this box. I think my speaking skills have improved, I'm gradually becoming more confident with French-only language exchanges. I recently had an interaction with a stranger entirely in French, and while I wasn't communicating with butter-like smoothness, I stayed afloat and didn't resort to English! I feel proud of myself for this feat. 

⭕ Save $40,000

I accomplished this goal!!! Now I'm off to spend it all on grad school, haha!

⚠️ Move out of my parents home

When I wrote this resolution I said "A small, simple apartment with my boyfriend is my ultimate goal." Well, I have officially accomplished that goal! I have yet to move in, but I signed a one year lease on an apartment with my boyfriend in Dijon, France where my university is located.  It's fully furnished and close to public transport. It's small, but cozy in the best way. I cannot wait!

⚠️ Simplify my life

This one was a bit difficult. I think I do spend less time on my phone, but I haven't gotten to the point where I can forget it for the whole day. I've paired down my wardrobe a bit and given a lot of clothes away to friends, which has been a really fun experience! I love swapping with friends and seeing them wear old pieces of mine, and vice versa. I haven't started packing for France yet but when I do I'll have to re-evaluate my wardrobe again! 

As for Youtube, I've kind of failed at watching less videos. I normally put a video on when doing my makeup or when I'm bored at work. I've tried to avoid pointless videos and now focus more on music and documentaries. I do read a lot more though! I've finished 4 books this year and, as I mentioned before, I'm making my way through Harry Potter in French. I downloaded some PDFs on my Supernote (possible post on that coming later) so it's got me to read more!  

Thank you for reading :)