5 Ban.do Home Items for Your 2021 Christmas List

With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to take advantage of good deals on presents for friends and family. This year, I got inspired by my circle of friends and wanted to try to curate a list of products that I felt fit a particular friends' personality, and then make a Christmas list out of it!

Now, I have to admit: I love Ban.do. Unfortunately, I've never had the privilege of purchasing anything from the site since I was trying so hard to save for my study abroad, but I can assure you I'm an expert. I've scrolled the website every month for the past 2 years, looking at all the beautiful colors and shapes and oohing and aahing. 

If you're looking to purchase anything on this list, you can use their Christmas code GR8GIFTS for 25% off. Please not I do not get any cut or affiliate from your purchase, I'm just trying to spread the love for cute products!

This Christmas list is inspired by my friend Sophia. 

When I think of her, I think rainbows, colors, funky shapes and everything cute. She already has a fabulous and colorful wardrobe, so I decided to imagine what bits and bobs she might have in her future apartment. And thus, this list was born!

If you have a 'Sophia' in your life, here are some gifts they might love!

Strawberry Field Vase (Click Image for a Link!)

Price: $25.95

This huge strawberry is an instant conversation starter. Having this on your coffee table is a combination of cute and cottagecore, and it makes the flowers really pop when contrasted with the bright red! Other uses of this vase could be for pens, pencils, artists brushes, or even a cute kitchen caddy for all your tools.

Eco Fabric Fresheners (Click Image for a Link!)

Price: $10

These wool stars and hearts are so cute, and they come in a compostable bag. Pop these in your drawers, car, office, anywhere and put a few drops of essential oils for them to absorb the smell. These work as both a fabric and air freshener!

Floor Mat - Rainbow (Click Image for a Link!)

Price: $40

This cotton mat is perfect for adding a pop of color when you step out of the shower, get out of bed, or want to decorate an area of your home that needs a little 'something'. Make sure you wash the mat in lukewarm or cold water to maintain the non-slip latex backing.

Felt Avocado Toast Ornament (Click Image for Link!)

Price: $12

For the avocado toast lover in your life, this felt ornament is the perfect combination of adorable and kitschy. It's super soft and has a handmade aesthetic. Also, this avocado toast benefits a good cause by helping to provide sustainable jobs to women worldwide through the Non-Profit Global Goods Partners. 

Stainless Steel Thermal Mug with Cup - Rainbow (Click Image for Link!)

Price: $28

Keep 12oz of whatever liquid you like hot or cold with this cute thermos. The cap comes off and becomes a cup; so convenient! It's the perfect height and width to pop in your backpack, purse or work bag to keep your coffee or tea ready for a sip all day long!

I hope you loved this small gift list, I had so much fun curating the items. I tried my hardest to keep everything under $50 USD for all of us on a budget. These gifts would be perfect for any student, neighbor or good friend who wants to add some color to their life (without adding a huge dent to your wallet!) I'll see you in the next post, have a great weekend.