VLOG: Our First Date

 Hello everyone~

Finally, I have a new vlog to show you! This was taken ages ago, I think back in late September, but it's been sitting in the vault waiting to be edited and now it's finally done.  

The day of we actually recorded quite a bit of content, but a lot of it ended up being shaky, out of focus, or boring (I'll save you the time of watching us go to 5 different restaurants and not find anything vegetarian other than salad), so we cut the video down to only 4 minutes. 

Even so, I hope you like this video! I definitely don't think this video reflects the amount of amazing food options Dijon has to offer, and I hope to make more videos of future dates (maybe at some yummier/fancier places). I have a bunch of vlogs from our November trip to Beaune as the next vlog in queue, so hopefully one of those gets out next month.

Thanks for watching!