Spending Easter in New York 2022

After 7 months in France, I came back to New York. However this time, I didn't fly alone, I had Guillaume by my side. This wasn't our first time traveling internationally together, but it was a lot of firsts for us as a couple.

Our first flight together, the first time he would meet my family and friends, his first step on American soil. I wasn't sure who was more nervous, me or him.
We had spent a lot of nights talking about what it might be like, walking out of the airport and into a whole new environment. A few days before the flight was the peak of the 'What if?' anxiety, at least for me. Dijon and New York were total opposites, perhaps that's what makes both of them so special. But going back to NY after getting 'used to' Dijon made me feel strange, like I wasn't ready to see my hometown again after being away.

It all went better than I could have dreamed.

We had a rough time in the airport. The flight was a breeze, but waiting for Guillaume to go through US Customs was a nail biting experience. My cell phone, battery on its last legs after 4 years of use, was dying as I sat on the floor, waiting to recognize Guillaume's face in the sea of people waiting for their chance with the customs officer. As my Dad and sister waited in the parking lot, I watched my percentage fall and my anxiety increase. After 2 long hours, Guillaume made it out. The officer had all but shooed his papers away and let him through after less than a minute of conversation.

We were officially here.

When we got back to my house, things looked relatively the same. My room was filled with a lot more things than when I had left it, but the core of the house was unchanged. Coraline was resting on the edge of Gabby's bed, Mom was tidying the kitchen, and Dad was on his computer in the dining room. 

I was home.

Easter Sunday was fun. Out of everyone, my grandpa was the most surprised to see me show up to Easter dinner, and he waved his arms around ecstatically as we made eye contact. With my mom running up and down setting things up, Guillaume and I helped my sister and cousins hide all the candy filled plastic eggs, preparing for the egg hunt for the little ones. I didn't have a moment to even think about the reality that Guillaume was here, in the flesh, sitting across from my aunts and uncles. He just fit in naturally. 

Guillaume and I spent the next 3 days in New York City, walking up and down the streets, taking the subway, and hitting up spots that I used to frequent with my friends. I was immediately overwhelmed by how delicious the food was. I know France is famous for it's cheese, wine, and all around food culture, but I haven't had a single meal in France that's impressed me. Perhaps it's the fact that I rarely go to restaurants in Dijon, but day one in NYC and I was encountering some seriously good food.

I'm a little disappointed we have our masks on in so many photos, but we did our best to be distanced and stay safe, especially in such a crowded city. 

I also swapped out my old Android phone for an iPhone. I've never had an iPhone before (only an iPod Touch as a tween) but switching over was pretty seamless. I see why Apple users tend to stay faithful, within a day I was hooked on my new, better quality camera and 30 minute charging. Though I paid more than I've ever paid for a cell phone, I truly love my new phone and I'm using it to document my time in France in higher quality.

All photos in this post were taken with my iPhone 13 Pro!

On Friday, Gui and I went to Aya's birthday party. We went to a local bakery and saw the most adorable lunchbox cakes in the freezer display. I thought back to the lunch box cakes I made with Sophia in Ohio, and knew that I had to pick one up for Aya.

We arrived a bit earlier, going to her house and helping her cook the food for the picnic. Gui and Jim (Aya's boyfriend) were in charge of cutting the vegetables and I wish I got a photo, they were so focused it was dead silent. 

The picnic was lovely and we ate a LOT. We laid there on the picnic blanket, all chatting together and playing games like Cards Against Humanity and Jenga. We spent a good 4 hours outside, but I barely felt the time pass. I was so excited that Gui got to meet one of my closest friends, and that it was such a lovely day in general. 

On the day where we weren't running around meeting people, seeing things and stuffing our faces with food, we got to live our lives in NY just hanging out with my parents and sister. The constant back and forth between me and Gabby, the hugs from my Mom, my Dad playing music in the car, I had lived these moments a thousand times on my own, only realizing how comforting these moments were when I didn't have them anymore. Immersed in this again, I could appreciate them ten times more.

Though I didn't get to see all my friends and family, I am so grateful for the short time Guillaume and I spent in New York. We had great weather, and since we were in the city early in the week, the streets weren't full of people since everyone was at work. We were able to see sights like Roosevelt Island, Central Park, Grand Central and Bryant Park, while visiting some places that I've frequented since I first went into the city alone at age 15. 

Seeing NY as a tourist, through Guillaume's eyes, really made me feel proud. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! We filmed a multitude of videos while in NY but with my literature review deadline coming up, there's no time to edit it all. But I think by now you're all used to videos coming months later, haha!

See you next time.