Solo Concert: Ghostly Kisses

About two weeks ago, I attended a sold out Ghostly Kisses show in Paris, and it was an awesome experience! I wanted to share some of my photography from the concert in this mini-post!

The event was held in La Maroquinerie, a tiny underground bar that holds about 200 people once you enter the stage area. When I first came in, I was surprised with how intimate the space felt, but I liked it! There was a lot of standing room and some raised areas to the right and left of the stage, along with stairs towards the back, so some people even got to sit down. The ticket price was very fair, I paid 21 euros for general admission, which was the only type of ticket available when I purchased.

I got there about an hour and 20 minutes in advance, so I managed to get a spot right in the front, behind someone who was about the same height as me (thank goodness, because I'm really short!). We entered at 7:30PM and at 8:00pm the opening act came on.

Opening for Ghostly Kisses was an independent singer-songwriter called Sandrayati. She sang some songs from her newly released debut album 'Safe Ground'. Her voice was very breathy and soft, and her songs had an earthy and elemental focus to approaching relationships. Some of the tracks she sang include 'Unwavering' and 'New Dawn'. 

After finishing at 8:45PM, we waited a bit. In other concerts I've been to, I didn't really feel the wait time as much but for some reason I was really feeling all the breaks this time, and my feet were not happy with me. At 9PM, Ghostly Kisses came on to a dark stage, and slowly it changed to a deep red color. 

The decor was very minimal, just a white sheet over a metal arch, but the use of lighting and the interpretive dance done by the main vocalist, Margaux SauvĂ©, gave it almost a mystical vibe. 

I've been a fan of Ghostly Kisses since right before the pandemic hit, so it was such a cool moment for me to have this be my first concert 'in person'. I sometimes tend to forget about the period of time where going to an event like this, with 150 people surrounding me singing and dancing, was impossible! 

My favorite song of the night was 'Crimson' from their upcoming album Darkroom, which is going to be released on May 17th, 2024. The lighting and effects team absolutely blew me away with the coordination between the high notes and dance movements synchronizing with different strobe effects. It was one of those moving concert moments where you truly appreciate live music. 

Ghostly Kisses will be coming to NY very soon and I'm still on the fence about buying tickets to see them again (since my feet were crying by the end of the night). One thing I was sad about was that they didn't play my favorite track by them, 'Heaven Wait', so I'm praying that if I manifest and buy tickets, they may do it at the New York show. Only time will tell!