Vacationing in Florida: Day 4 (Disney Springs)

May 27th, 2017 

Today we headed out to Disney Springs! I haven't done much shopping during my trip, so this was really go time! The first store we went to was the biggest one: The World of Disney. 


This is some of what the shop looks like from the inside! The shop was huge, divided into sections like cookware, jewelry and clothing.

This is the big check out station! 

After that, we went to Disney's version of LUSH, which I am now obsessed with. The shop name is 'Basin' and they have everything from Bath bombs to perfume. They have fresh face masks as well, along with a wide array of sugar scrubs. The shop also sells shampoo bars that are similar to LUSH's in appearance. 

Of course, the prices were a little more jacked, but then again you're paying for ~the Disney expierence~. I got two bath bombs, one blue one with confetti and one pink one that promised a "special surprise" inside. What I really liked about this place is that everything is super customizable, and you have a lot of options where you can custom create your own scents or products. 

This bath bomb is said to have confetti inside!

They make some amazing soap! They easily have over 30 kinds of soap, all with different designs.  

One of the scrubs Vincent and I tried. Vincent was shocked how soft his hands felt. 

We headed to a store that sells a bunch of bedazzled things. I didn't get anything, but I took some sparkly photos! They had some seriously high ticket items here.

Note the price tag that reads $12,000!

Vincent and I got cute matching pennies~ These actually cost $51 cents to make.

For lunch we ate at the Rainforest Cafe, in the Lava Lounge.

I asked where the bathroom was and the waiter said "Under the rainbow".  He was half right. I ended up almost walking out of the exit by accident. The restroom was where the little arrow sign pointed. 
I missed that because I was distracted by the rainbow...

The restaurant had fish tanks scattered inside. The fish move fast, but I still got some good shots!

I ordered the Anaconda Pasta. 

Vincent got the Mushroom and Spinach Flatbread 

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Reggie got the Beef Lava Nachos! 

I'm not exactly sure how often it happens but every so often the volcano actually erupts a big cloud of fire and smoke. I was lucky enough to see it while I ate! 

Here are some shots of the volcano going off!!! 

Isn't this balloon cute? I wonder what it does...

We took a walk around to explore other shops~ We passed by the LEGO store and saw all this painstakingly made LEGO art. On the side of each of the art pieces they list how many hours it took to create it and how many pieces they used.

This one took the most pieces (1 billion or so)!

Then we headed to a pastry shop which honestly had some next level desserts. 

I caught them making the mickey mousse!! 

This is a goofy cake, but I don't think it was for sale. 

Here are the wide array of treats they offer! They had a cheesecake, a mousse, a key lime pie, a chocolate cake and a fruit panna cotta jelly!

Vincent and his aunt decided to get the Mickey Mousse. 

I took a little bite of it and while I thought it was decent, it didn't blow my mind taste wise. 

To finish up our time at Disney Springs, we took a stroll through all of the stores and bought a few things to bring back home! 

"Jesus Loves". We were waiting for the plane to write "You" buuuuut it never did.

We ate dinner at the Grand Floridian!

Walking in, I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of this resort. Above our heads hung two giant chandeliers! You can sort of see how, in the next photo, the glossy floor has a big "F" insignia for the Floridian!

We took a stroll around the property before dinner and tried to scout out a place to catch the fireworks. 

A live band that was playing since the moment I got in, probably way before that too.
One of the beautiful chandeliers!

Dinner time!

We made a 7:25 reservation at Citricos, and the ambiance and the food really worked together. 

Our waitress was named Angela and she really went above and beyond for us. She was so knowledgeable on the menu and described her favorite dishes with amazing detail. She was so great at talking about the food that she sold Aunt Debbie and Vincent into getting their meals!

Vin tasting wine, omg. 

I ordered a cheese plate to start with. It was amazing beyond words. The brie was unreal. Under the blue cheese is a tiny bit of honeycomb, and the small muffin you see is lemon thyme flavor with some fresh berries below it. All in all, this was the best bite of the night.

The only cheese I felt was the odd one out was the block of gruyere.

When I got my cheese plate a waitress came over and explained which cheese was which, and all the accompaniments.

Aunt Debbies dish: The Scallop Risotto

Uncle Reggies dish: The Halibut

My dish: The Ratatouille. 

Vincent's dish: The ribs.

One thing I will say that I liked about this place was that the AC wasn't too cold, like I had experienced in every other resort, so I wasn't shivering at my table during dinner.

The food was fantastic and super filling!

And of course, what's a night in Disney without fireworks? I managed to catch some from the balcony of the restaurant.

Thanks for reading!!!!!