Vacationing in Florida: Day 3 (Food and Fireworks)

May 26th, 2017

Vincent was nice enough to surprise me with toast and fried eggs for breakfast! Today was our free day so we decided it would be a good time to head out on the lake in the middle of our resort. They have an array of boats, and our original idea was to take the two seater paddleboat. Unfortunately, the paddle boats were unavailable and we decided to go for the next best option: an electric Sun Lounge with a hood.

In the end, I was so glad we got that one instead. The sun was beating down on us hard, and I'm sure we would have been sweating like mad had we been in the paddleboats.

We walked around a bit after our lounge ride and began counting all the little geckos we saw scurrying around. All in all, we've counted 83 geckos!! I think I'm becoming obsessed with them.

My strawberry daiquiri and his chocolate monkey!

Vincent wanted to head to the pool but I wasn't feeling it, so instead I decided to have a drink by the pool while he went in. He ended up getting a drink too, and by the time we both finished he felt too sleepy to even go in! 

We ate dinner at the Disney Polynesian Resort!

The resort is so beautiful, and they even have their own beach. If you gaze across the water you can see Cinderella's Castle!

Vincent posing like this lil guy

Vincent playing in the sand

Our dinner reservation was at the Kona Cafe. The ambiance was really different from the level of food they were serving. It seemed like a family style, almost cheap breakfast nook area. However, the food was a mix of French technique and Asian flavors, all around making for a strange mix.

Aunt Debbie got a drink with a glowing ice cube!

The Potstickers. Easily the best bite of the night.

The Asian Tofu Stir Fry, my dish. This was okay, but it tasted relatively cheap compared to the price tag.

Vincent's dish. The Miso Buttered Strip Loin.

Dessert. Kilauea Torte, which was a chocolate lava cake. Super rich and filling, be prepared to share!
After dinner, we took a stroll down to the beach to see the fireworks. Vincent and I decided to sit in the sand to get a good spot, as a crowd was gathering quickly.

The view of the Grand Floridian from across the water

 There was a light show before the fireworks, which consisted of these amazing illuminated animals!

And finally, the fireworks began.

This next one is my favorite shot!

It was an amazing night~