Vacationing in Florida: Days 1 & 2 (Magic Kingdom!)

This week I went on vacation with my boyfriend Vincent and his aunt and uncle. They took us to a beautiful resort in Orlando and we will be staying here for a week! Naturally, because of this my Kanji Intensive Program post for this week is going to be a little lacking (sorry everyone!!) 

I haven't taken nearly as many photos as I anticipated I would, partially because I caught a bit of a cold so I haven't been feeling very well. I took a few photos before departure and at the resort, and I wanted to make a small photo compilation post to share everything! My original intention was to create a vlog but I really wasn't feeling up to it. I've collected a small amount of video so far so I might just shove all the clips together, put some cute music over it and call it a day!

I've also taken a few polaroids, but when I get home I'll scan them and make a separate post just for them!

May 24th, 2017

The green clock on the fireplace reads '4:09'. Our flight was set to leave at 8 am, and so we woke up extra early to fit in breakfast and an hour long car ride to the airport. I was under the weather, as was Vincent, so losing a few hours of sleep really hit us like a ton of bricks.

In the car, I attempt to record a vlog but ultimately feel too tired. Instead, I listen to Vincent and his mother hilariously go back and forth.

After a tearful goodbye at the airport, we set off to wait for our flight. I'm vibrating with excitement at this point, finally waking up, but Vincent was still suffering from lack of sleep.

Our flight boarded at around 7:35 and soon enough, we were off.

Here are some aerial shots from shortly after the plane took off (can you guess which airline we flew? lol)

The flight wasn't too bad, but I made the mistake of taking some Dramamine which made me totally zonked out for the rest of the day.

We landed in Orlando at around 11, and were met in baggage claim by Vincent's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Reggie! We headed straight to the resort via a rental car they had picked up the day before. Vincent was concerned I wasn't excited, but I was! I was just really sleepy...

The resort is essentially complexes like this all together like a cute little community. There are some pools and eateries scattered around the complex, and a lot geckos. Seriously. I saw so many. I love them.

I'll admit it -- I spent the majority of my first night in Florida napping/indoors. I needed to sleep off the medicine I took on the plane. My night consisted of catching the finale of Survivor, eating white cheddar and sour cream chips and taking a swim in the pool at 10 pm. No regrets.

May 25th, 2017

I woke up bright and early at 7 am, and quickly got ready to head out to Magic Kingdom. I've never been (maybe I went as a baby but I won't count that) so I was super excited. I buttered two slices of toast and ate them while watching the morning news with Aunt Debbie. As our plans and fast passes were all finalized, we headed out!

The morning sunlight pouring into the living room area.

Vincent looks so handsome in this shot /swoon

The weather was gloomy, but I was just grateful it wasn't too hot. We got to the park at a little after nine, and we rode the ferry! Though it was so early, it was already getting pretty crowded. 

They were doing maintenance on the sign!

One of my favorite photos from today

You can really see how white the sky was!

The only basis I had to base Disney World off of was my expierence at Tokyo Disneyland last year. Magic Kingdom alone far surpassed how large Tokyo Disneyland was! What I really really loved about Magic Kingdom was the extreme attention for detail in the scenery and decoration. I loved how I could travel to different 'lands' like Fantasyland and Main Street USA. Somehow, Disney got all these different places to flow together perfectly!

The trolley!

The castle!

My handsome guy
We got some fastpasses, one for Big Thunder Mountain, one for Haunted Mansion and the last one for the Buzz Lightyear ride! Big Thunder Mountain was my favorite! We ended up riding it twice. We didn't ride any water rides, I prefer watching instead of riding.

In TomorrowLand we took the People Mover around and I got some great shots! Unfortunately, I had a little speck of dust on the lens. Other than that though, I thought my shots came out great!

Some cars on the track

ignore the little black dot!

After Magic Kingdom Vincent and I were exhausted, and crashed as soon as we got back to the hotel room. 

For dinner, we went to an Italian spot not too far from the resort. I got eggplant parm and Vincent got Veal Francese. For dessert, Vincent ordered the Tiramisu, and I got a New York Style Cheesecake!

As for the rest of the night, the plan is to head to the pool a little later and go swimming! We picked up some googles from a store nearby so now I can see underwater. 

I hope you liked this post!! Stay tuned for the next two days~