Finally, Classes Begin! (VLOG)

Today was my first day of classes! 

I took a short vlog documenting how my day went today! 

My first class started at about 10:40 am, so I walked to campus and tried to find my class. The classrooms were a little difficult to navigate, but eventually I found my classroom and had my first class! It was actually super exciting and I'm so happy I'm finally starting my education at Waseda~

After class, I texted Lily to see if she wanted to meet up and get sushi. We decided to meet up in Shibuya at 5 and then did some light shopping! While we were there, Lily expressed she wanted to get another ear piercing so we went to a piercing place! The guy who did the piercings had long hair and an eyepatch, aka very interesting dude.

I got another ear piercing as well, and it didn't hurt a bit! I got both of my second ear holes pierced before with my Mom, but sadly one of them closed up, so I decided to get it re-done. As for Lily, she was super worried her piercing would hurt but as soon as she got it done she said "What? It didn't hurt at all" LOL.

We did some walking around and found a cafe on the 6th floor of Tsukaya, which was a book cafe. This cafe was AMAZING, I wish I could go there everyday! One thing I love about Japan is the amazing selection of creative books and magazines. I wanted to buy so many different magazines, but they were all killer expensive so I settled on taking some photos instead.

I also got a little planner notebook similar to the one Lily has, because I wanted to start getting organized and plan my weeks well! I'll be keeping track of assignments, meetup dates, blog post schedules and more with this handy dandy notebook~

I hope you like my little vlog~