Happy October everyone! September totally flew by~ To kick off the beginning of this month, Sayaka and I attended a Vegan food festival in Tokyo, held in Kiba Park. 

The festival was from 10am to 4pm, but Sayaka and I attended with the Tokyo Vegan Meetup.com meetup group, and so we all gathered at the park at 1pm! 

I made a short vlog about the day!

The festival had a mix of food and vegan materials such as clothing, makeup and skincare products! I can't really estimate exactly how many booths there were, but there were three rows of booths and some booths scattered around the perimeter. 

Initially when we arrived we got some matcha crepes filled with red bean, matcha cream and chestnut. It was absolutely incredible and I would order it again in a heartbeat. Since I was starving by that point, I actually ate it without taking any photos or videos (sorry). We set up a picnic blanket next to the meetup group and did a quick stroll around to see all the booths. 

We ended up getting some brownie flavored soft serve, which contains no sugar whatsoever! It really surprised me because it had a rich chocolate flavor and was a bit sweet. I will say the portion size disappointed me, but most of the food from the festival was pretty small.

Around 3 pm the booths began to sell out of things, and so next year I would definitely recommend arriving at the festival as soon as it starts to get the freshest foods without waiting on long lines.

Speaking of long lines, as it got later in the day, the lines started to get longer and longer. Sayaka and I waited on the vegan takoyaki line for an hour and a half! I guess I would say it was worth it because the takoyaki was great, but waiting on that line unfortunately robbed me of time so I barely got to speak to anyone in the meetup group.

All in all, I'm a total noob when it comes to food festivals of any kind, so this was a great expierence and didn't hurt my wallet too much! I wish I could be back in Tokyo next year when this festival comes around again~