Waseda University: Classes

Hi hi~ remember when I said I was going to write this post in Japanese? Totally forgot that before I wrote it. Oops.

In this post I'm going to talk about the class system at Waseda, signing up, how classes work and ultimately how the system ends up failing the student if they change their mind.…

Japan: The Backup Plan

Heyo~! I apologize for the lack of vlogs these days, the weather has been pretty rainy so I haven't dared to bring my camera out of my apartment. 
I'll most likely make a sort of compliation-type video of places I've seen, things I ate, etc!
This post is going to be about the plan that …


  • 長い間、日本語で投稿したくて堪りませんでした! このポストは完全に日本語で、英語の翻訳ではありません(ごめん〜)


Happy October everyone! September totally flew by~ To kick off the beginning of this month, Sayaka and I attended a Vegan food festival in Tokyo, held in Kiba Park. 
The festival was from 10am to 4pm, but Sayaka and I attended with the Tokyo Vegan Meetup.com meetup group, and so we all gathered at…