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Hello~! I decided today I'm going to do a different style of post from what I've been doing these days (Japan-related/ Informative posts) and instead share some little things about me! In this post, I'm going to mention some of my favorite Instagram accounts that I follow. 

I follow a LOT of people (500) but these are basically a summary of all the accounts I follow, and the most memorable ones I see on my feed! 

Let's get started~


This has to be my number one favorite account! I've been following acchi_kocchi basically since I started my own account. I think at one point she might have had a blog because I remember reading something associated to her account, but right now if you click the link in her description it takes you to the site she made for her new tattoo parlor! I actually spoke to the people that works with her at the tattoo place via DM's, and asked about their availability!  I think her work is really awesome, and her photos are breathtaking!


Speaking of tattoos, I am in love with this tattoo account from Korea. When I got my tattoo done, I saw a flower this account had done and spoke about it to my tattooer in New York. I knew I wanted a realistic lavender flower just like they had done, and my tattooer actually knows the artist behind the soltattoo account (both are Korean) :) I thought that was really cool, and I love seeing their designs. I hope one day, if I'm ever in Korea, I could get a tattoo from soltatto!


I literally have no explanation for following this account other than: I love dumplings. If I was trapped on a desert island and the helicopter from the government bringing food could only give me one item, I would choose dumplings EASILY. This account also has a noodle account that I also follow, but the dumpling food porn always wins in my heart.

In a similar fashion, I'm in love with all matcha flavored things. One day I'll actually go through my likes while I'm in NYC and go to all these amazing places! Everything posts looks incredible; I am high key jealous of her life.


This is Insta account belongs to a writer at Celesy, a Japanese online magazine. I followed her because I saw her account in the recommend to follow section, and I love her posts! All of them have a very aesthetic feel to them, and she uses this delicate pale pink color in most, if not all, her posts. She makes simple stuff look really sophisticated, and I think that's an art.


I wasn't sure if I wanted to classify this in the bullet journal category or the art category, but this account has a bit of both! Amanda Rach Lee is a girl I follow on Youtube as well, and she makes videos about her bullet journal! She shows her monthly spread every month, and encourages others to try out different versions of her spreads. I like her account because it's super pleasing to the eye and it inspires me to work on my bullet journal!


Naomi Smalls is my favorite queen EVER from Ru Paul's Drag Race. Every outfit she put on the runway had me SHOOK TO MY CORE. I absolutely love her and her friendship with Kim Chi. If you haven't seen RPDR, definitely watch her season (aka season 8!).


This account is visually stunning. I love dark theme and color scheme, and I find all the photos to be simplistic but beautiful. It's a very minimalistic and natural, and it gives me the feeling of a very calm, simple life that somehow was captured in photographs. I love photos that give off vibes, so this account speaks to me.


Lastly, this Korean artists Instagram! I'm guessing this person uses watercolor as a medium, and I'm actually just starting to use watercolor so their art is a huge inspiration to me. All the girls look so soft, sweet and feminine, I love this kind of art. The artist also has a shop where they sell their art on postcards, phone cases, etc. There's no phone case for my phone or I would have totally gotten one!

Hope you liked this post! Finally, if you'd like to follow me on Instagram, click here! <3


  1. Thanks for sharing these accounts! I love seeing what other bloggers post about, you can really learn a lot!

  2. Thanks for commenting! Glad you liked the post :)


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