Disposable Camera Photo Dump

I finally got around to getting my disposable camera photos developed! So, I learned that basically you should keep the flash on at all times because about 1/3 of my photos turned out way too dark. Now I know for next time!

Taken on the Waseda Campus

These cameras are pretty cheap (800 yen) but it turns out developing them costs a lot more than I thought. I developed 2 cameras and it cost me 2400 yen ($24) ! Regardless, I'm loving the vibe coming off some of these shots so I will be buying another disposable camera and trying again.


Taken in a Jamaican vegan restaurant in Nikko

The record collection at the vegan jamaican restaurant

Kimono wearing near Shinkyo Bridge

Rainy days in a kimono

The river behind our hostel in Nikko

Taking the bus home on a cold night

Shinjuku views

Blogging class squad

Waseda campus transitioning into fall

Around the corner from the Waseda gate entrance

クラちゃん getting her nails done

Dark sushi photo

Vegan festival 

rainy days at the vegan festival

Iona about to take a cute photo

Bridge, sans Iona

Someone getting married!

Sign that really captivated me

Outside a hawaiian themed cafe

Taken while strolling around Ometesando

Lily, laughing

Walking in Shinjuku

Mai and me on the escalator

Taken on the stairs of Ain Soph, vegan resturant

Ain Soph

Ain Soph, pt 2

Night time waiting for the bus

Lazy days doing laundry

Entrance to Waseda


  1. The photography on your page is just, wow!!😍

  2. love these photos so so much, my favourite has to be the one of your friend (Lily) laughing- the warm colours suit her emotion perfectly: warm and happy

    dalal // monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

    1. I love that photo as well! I caught her mid-laugh!


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