Our Last Day in Nikko!

Today was a rainy day in Nikko! 

Yesterday we decided we would do kimono wearing and temple sightseeing today because the original weather forecast said it wasn't going to rain, however, about halfway into our kimono rental, the downpour began.

We didn't care though! We took over 300 photos today, but I'll share a handful of our best shots.

We started off the day by heading to the kimono rental shop at about noon, and choose our favorite kimono. The second I walked into the store, I saw the one I wanted. The moment one of the shopkeepers said 'Choose one you'd like' I was already grabbing the sleeve of the one I wanted. I love fall colors, and this kimono stuck out to me because of the beautiful fall leaf detailing and the golden color. The shop keepers laughed and said that usually foreigners choose their kimonos very quickly, while Japanese women tend to take their time to deliberate.

I went upstairs and got changed, picked out an obi color and a purse to match my kimono. I was asked whether I'd like my hair done up with a flower, and of course I said yes. Altogether, kimono rental, hair, shoes and all accessories came to a total of 5000 yen. I thought this was a pretty fair price considering we'd get to rent the kimono all day! 

We walked towards Shinkyo Bridge and took tons of photos! It was just starting to rain a little bit so it was the perfect time to shoot! After we shot photos and the rain was beginning to pour, we ate some lunch at a local restaurant. Literally the minute we sat down the rain started to fall down in buckets, so we hung out in the restaurant a little while after we finished eating so that we could let the rain die out.

We headed up a ton of stairs and went to a local temple, but we didn't end up taking any photos there because we were totally drained of energy. Walking in kimono takes leg strength and tiny steps, so climbing up 50+ stairs knocked the wind out of us! We decided to just walk around and take casual photos, instead of try to venture on to other shrines. 

Lastly, we got some fried Yuba near Tobu Nikko station. Every night we head to the same womans stand and buy fried yuba with red bean paste, to the point where she knows who we are and what school we go to (LOL). Every time we buy some Yuba from her I always say 'See you tomorrow', which she gets a big kick out of.

This is our last night in Nikko and honestly I'm sad to go. I really love it here, but it's time to go back to Shinjuku.