My New Years Resolutions for 2018!

I started off my blogging days with a New Years resolution post, and so today I'm going to look back on what I said I'd do and see if I actually went through with my goals! I'm also going to be talking about my personal aspirations for 2018 as well as my blogging goals!

2017 Goals (What I did and didn't accomplish)

⚠️  A work in progress
⭕  Success!
❌  Fail

Become more body positive. ⚠️

While this continues to be a work in progress, I'm realizing now that I look a lot different to other people than I do in the mirror. Vlogging has shown me I'm actually pretty thin, and subjecting myself to intense mirror analysis only makes me pick out my flaws, instead of acknowledging my positive points. Not sure if this falls under body positive, but I've really been embracing my facial features and hair this year!

Get somewhere with Japanese:  ⭕

I feel like I've made significant improvement this year with my Japanese skills. I learned over 250 kanji during the summer, started studying at a JLPT N2 level and got accepted to study abroad in Japan. Living here has definitely helped me pick up words I didn't use very often before, and I'm planning on creating a new study routine for when I return to America. 

Reach my goal weight ❌

Unfortunately, I haven't done this yet. I'm going to make a post about this sometime in the future, but my depression manifested itself as binge eating while in Japan, which destroyed my diet progress. I haven't gotten back to my weight of 117 from back in January, but I'm still 12 pounds shy of my ultimate goal weight.

Build strong friendships ⭕

Wow. I can say, without a doubt, I accomplished this goal. If you've read my What Study Abroad Has Taught Me post then you know I've met some incredible people here in Japan. One person, in particular, has really transformed me, and that's my friend Amanda. I post about her pretty often, and you can catch her in almost all my travel videos. Unbelievably, Amanda and I have only known each other for 2 months (October 25th is the day we met), but I feel like she's been here all my life.

Get closer to God ❌

My friend Charis is a huge inspiration to me faith wise, so I really wanted to get in touch with my spirituality. Unfortunately, I'm not quite there yet, but I'm still searching!

Be Happy ⭕

Compared to 2016, 2017 was a happier year for me. I had some extremely stressful times during the summer, but in the end, I triumphed and I am truly at peace with things that used to keep me up at night. I've become kinder to myself, kinder in my relationships, and I've documented both my ups and downs this year, which is something I really wanted to do! 

2018 Goals and Resolutions

Learn conversational Chinese

My friend Amanda, who I mentioned before, is from China. I would love to learn more about her culture and language, so I'm making a genuine effort to learn Chinese. Right now it consists of me asking 'What's this in Chinese?' and her reply, but I really feel like this could be something that blossoms into a new passion. I can only say some basic phrases, introduce myself and count to ten at this point, but I've only been learning for a day! I have high hopes for this resolution and I'm sure she'll help me stick to it.

Reach my Goal Weight

Until I actually reach this weight (100 lbs) I'll be adding this as a goal. My boyfriend Vincent is on gym kick recently so I think he'll be keen to help me work out and stay in shape when I return to America. I know that as long as I have my own kitchen, diet won't be a problem.

Grow my Blog

I've officially been blogging for a year! Wow! In this short amount of time, I've met some incredible bloggers, published over 50 posts and started branching out via social media. My blog is helping me connect with so many people, and it's turned into a huge passion of mine. I'm constantly thinking of ideas for my blog, and how to improve. My ultimate stretch goal is to reach 50k views by this time next year. It sounds absolutely mad, but I'm going to do my best and work hard!

I'd like to thank everyone who reads my little blog. This post marks Sincerely, Alice's 1st birthday, and I feel so blessed! Have a safe and happy New Year everyone, I'll see you in 2018!