Odori Park and Flying Home to Tokyo

This is the final installment in the Hokkaido vlog series, thank you for watching my antics for the past week, and I hope you enjoy the final two vlogs!

If you're interested in going to Hokkaido:

I definitely recommend going to Hokkaido in February which is when the Snow Festival is in session and/or around Christmas. I didn't get to experience the festival this time around but I did get a sneak peek into what Christmas celebrations were like in Hokkaido.

Must See: ❤️

Jozankei Onsen ❤️

If you're going to Sapporo, I really encourage you to take a trip to the Jozankei resort. The onsen was absolutely amazing, beyond words. I sat outside in an amazing stone onsen as it snowed on me, and I enjoyed an incredible buffet, all for 3000 yen! I can't stress enough how incredible this place was!

Otaru ❤️

The main strip of Otaru has so many wonderful shops and little eateries, I recommend going there on a nice brisk day and seeing all the sites!  Otaru shops have amazing gems hidden in their stores. I found a beautiful, heart-shaped music box that plays my favorite song from Spirited Away. You can also find some incredible glasswork in Otaru.

AVOID at all costs:  💔

White Lovers Chocolate Factory 💔

I recommend going to the surrounding park to see the lights at night for free but I would not recommend, under any circumstance, to go in and pay money to see the factory.  It's cramped, hot, rushed and people absolutely everywhere. The gift shop is an absolute madhouse and prices are shot way up. If you really want some of their chocolates you can find them at literally any souvenir shop scattered around Hokkaido.

Moiwa Lift 💔

Biggest waste of money in Hokkaido. They pack you in a cable car like sardines, the view is mediocre at best, and they completely overcharge you for a 3-minute lift ride. I paid 1,700 yen to be cramped in a car that was dangerously swaying because of the harsh weather. No thanks!

I'm not sure what adventure Amanda and I will tackle next, but I want to travel a bit more before I say goodbye to Japan next month. These vlogs are so important to me because they capture the amazing experiences I've had here in Japan. I think taking video of big moments is a good thing to do because these memories can get lost as time passes.

I'll never forget my time in Hokkaido, thank you for accompanying me on my journey. Here are my final 2 vlogs wrapping up the trip!