Netflix Originals I'm Obsessed With

Netflix Original shows are being released more and more frequently, and within all the releases Netflix has come out with some real gems. Here are 4 Netflix Original shows I'm currently watching, and can't take my eyes off. 


Mindhunters is set in the late 1970's, and it's centered around the main character Holden Ford. He's an FBI agent that takes on a task no man has ever done before: interviewing serial killers to learn what motivated them to kill. Ford and his partner, Bill Tench, hit the road and visit various serial killers in prison, interviewing them and recording what they find on a recorder. 

An interesting fact about this show is that it's based off real people. The serial killers they interview are casted to be a close resemblance to their actual real life counterpart, Ed Kemper being the most close to the real thing. The agents are also based off real people, their real life counterparts being FBI agent Robert K. Kessler and John E. Douglas.

My Favorite Episode: Season 1 Episode 2

Master of None

Master of none is a Netflix original comedy directed by Aziz Ansari who plays himself as his character Dev. It's set in New York city and really embodies what a typical millennial life might be like.The show is so naturally relatable and seems so raw and realistic that sometimes one can forget Aziz is playing a character and not actually being himself. Dev struggles with relationship problems, finding himself within his Indian culture, and his quest to becoming an actor.

One unique point about the show is that Aziz sneakily includes details of his actual life in the show. He adds in points into Dev's life that ring true in his own; one of them being that he was born and raised in South Carolina. Another facet of Aziz's life that is the same for Dev are his parents. Aziz casted his actual parents as his on screen Mom and Dad, and their personalities really shine.
 Currently there are 2 seasons you can watch, he first season being a lot lighter and more comedic, and the second really developing Dev and a character.

My Favorite Episode: Season 1 Episode 6: Nashville


3% is Netflix's only Portuguese language original show. I started watching because it was recommended to me by Netflix, but I had no idea how much I was going to love this show. 3% is set in Brazil, and the plot revolves around teenagers competing through various tests to be deemed worthy of being accepted into a paradise-like community called The Offshore. The episodes are uniquely labeled as 'Chapters'.

If you're someone who likes survival game type movies such as Battle Royale or Hunger Games, this show is a must for you. Don't worry about not understanding Portugese, there's an English dub and subtitle option. If you don't want to take on a super long series, 3% currently has a relatively short 8 episode first season. This being said, 3% manages to fit an intense amount of character growth and plot in just 8 episodes.

My Favorite Episode: Season 1 Episode 4: Gateway

Black Mirror

If you have a Netflix account, you've probably heard of Black Mirror at this point but it's a must add to this list. I can safely say that I think Black Mirror is the modern day version of The Twilight Zone. Each episode revolves around a different story, and all the episodes really play up on modern day societal issues, but spin them with a sci fi twist. Black Mirror is divided into 3 seasons, which sounds like a lot, however Season 1 consists of 3 episodes, Season 2 of 4 and Season 3 comes in with a grand total of 6.

Black Mirror episodes feel like short films because of their engrossing plot and well shot scenes. Whether it's love, death, sex or technology, Black Mirror finds a way to carefully pick apart a topic and hold you in suspense to the very last second. Once you start, I guarantee you'll be roped into another episode, so be prepared to binge watch.

My Favorite Episode: Season 2 Episode 2 White Bear


  1. Netflix do w have some great shows I have to get back into it. Black Mirror looks like a hot one.

    1. I definitely suggest Black Mirror if you love suspense!!! Thanks for reading!

  2. I don't have much time for watching series with my job and my reading and writing and travelling life, but I do enjoy shows like Orange is the new black or Queen Sugar from time to time. Still prefer a deep, meaningful movie.

    1. Netflix has so many great movies, I should write a post on that next! I also love Orange :)

  3. I absolutely love Netflix and think it’s the best app ever!
    Their own shows are great too! I love that they took over Black Mirror and can’t wait to watch the new series!


  4. Ohh I loved these too! There’s still some I haven’t watched, so I am definetely gonna check them out! 😄 Thanks for the tips!

  5. I’ve never watched this but I know my boyfriend wants to, will have to give it a go!

  6. This is so helpful, I’ve been looking for new stuff to watch on Netflix as I’ve finished nearly all of my series or they’ve turned into ones that release episodes once a week! Thanks for sharing, I definitely want to check out Black Mirror


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