VLOG: Hair Extensions Fail & A Day at Waseda University!

A few days ago I realized that I'm long overdue for posting a vlog! I haven't had any vlog ideas recently but the other day I decided I was going to get hair extensions, so I thought it was a perfect time whip out my camera.

Unfortunately I didn't end up getting hair extensions because of a miscommunication between me and the salon owner but I encourage you to watch a video get the full story about that.

Since I recorded so much footage I thought it would be a waste to just delete everything, so I decided to record the next day which was me attending all of my classes at Waseda. On Mondays, I only have two classes so the video only displays two classrooms. I'm not allowed to record during class so I just recorded the beginning of each class and the tail end. You get to meet some of my friends and even hear my teacher speak!

Something that's never happened before happened while I was recording. 

I fell asleep! Usually, between classes, I stay up and make some kind of lunch or do some homework but I was so exhausted that day that actually end up taking a nap. Another unusual thing that happened that day was my friend Amanda skipped her class that she attends religiously.

Whenever we're in class, she always complains to me about how much she doesn't want to attend her next class, so I jokingly tell her to skip. I only say this because I know she won't but, to my surprise, when I suggested that she skip her class the day I was vlogging she actually agreed!

I'm saying this as a disclaimer because when you're watching the video it sounds like I'm being a bad influence by repeatedly telling her not to go! Trust me, I was really surprised when she decided to actually skip and come with me to get lunch.

At the end of the video, I decided to do an apartment update because the last time I showed my apartment it wasn't really settled into and now it's more of a livable space.

I would say this video is a  super realistic portrayal of how my day goes pretty much every day here at Waseda.~