5 Things No One Tells You About Living In Japan

I decided to make this post now that I've got 6 months abroad under my belt, and my return date to NY is drawing near. When I first came here I had no idea what to expect, and my university didn't prepare me at all for how stressful my first week in Japan was. I hope this list can help you…

Bowling Date with Amanda

I'm back this week with a bit of a messy vlog. I've shot tons of footage but most it ended up shaky or far too loud, so I've amassed a collection of footage from when I went bowling! Disclaimer: Amanda and I are both garbage, and if you'd like to see someone fail at bowling then yo…

How to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

Do you have a 'friend' who constantly tears you down, breaks your trust, and hurts your feelings?

Does this 'friend' repeatedly make you feel bad about yourself, and feel more like a burden than a good friend?

Toxic people enter our lives in all forms, some come in the form of rela…

Shaving my head in Japan! (VLOG)

While searching up new hairstyles on Youtube, I came across a couple videos of girls giving themselves a cut called a Deathhawk. It's basically a mohawk, but a lot wider. I've never shaved my head in any capacity before, but I really wanted to change up my style.

So, I decided I would do i…

Netflix's The End of the F***ing World: Stop Romanticizing Mental Illness

Content warning: This post discusses sexual assault and death.

Netflix recently released it's newest series, The End of the F***ing World. This series follows the familiar pattern of recent 'edgy' content from Netflix that portrays a mentally unwell lead character who 'changes' through the power of love. In this post, I'm going to discuss potentially triggering topics, so I'd like to issue a content warning for those who choose to read on.

Why I Didn't Go To Seijin Shiki

What is Seijin Shiki? (成人式)

Seijin Shiki aka Coming of Age Ceremony is a Japanese national holiday that takes place on January 8th, in which all people who are turned 20 years old within the past year are invited to an official welcoming ceremony. This day marks your official transition to adultho…

Beginners Guide to Learning Japanese: The Kana

If you're interested in learning Japanese, but not sure where to start, this is the guide for you! 
I've decided to start a series that can give you the building blocks to starting out in Japanese! In this post, I'll be breaking up the basics of starting to learn how to read and write J…

Odori Park and Flying Home to Tokyo

This is the final installment in the Hokkaido vlog series, thank you for watching my antics for the past week, and I hope you enjoy the final two vlogs!
If you're interested in going to Hokkaido:
I definitely recommend going to Hokkaido in February which is when the Snow Festival is in session…