Getting my Tarot Cards Read

My good friend does incredible tarot card readings, so I decided to take a trip over to her place to have my past, present and future read. I’ve gotten my cards read once before, but it was someone who was just starting and did readings casually. I was a bit nervous for my reading, because I’m kind of a believer and kind of not, however I think this reading has made me a real believer.

 My first reading was to predict my past, present, and future.  It gives you an overview of what influences of your past have taken you, what’s going on in your present and what to expect for your future. It’s a pretty standard reading that my friend has a lot of experience with, and she also pulled a fourth card that’s supposed to identify the overall mood of the present. Having the overall card really gives you a sense of where things are at, she says. It’s one of her favorite readings to do.

After a short introduction into how the cards are selected, I try it out for real. I was instructed to cut a deck of cards into 3 parts, and then reassemble it how I pleased. From there, the top 4 cards are drawn.

I found out that if a card is drawn in reverse, the meaning of that card can change entirely. As you can see, the first card was drawn in reverse, as was the fourth card.

My Past

The card is The Five of Swords reversed. This card talks about life in general, particularly about despair I may have been feeling in the past. My reading indicated that I may have been afraid of being hurt in the past. I was recommended to let go of my ego from the past, and that I was once in a deep period of self-doubt or worry. I was told that in the past I may have needed to lay down my sword and move on so that history would not repeat itself. 

I found this reading to be pretty accurate, as I have been hurt in the past by a few people. My long period of self-doubt has come and gone, but I found it really interesting that this came up in my reading.

My Present

This card is the Knight of Pentacles. This card says that I may be bored with how happy and well off I am and therefore may be losing sight of someone who's being generous to me and taking care of me right now.  I was told that I may not be appreciative of what I have, and that I should change my ways. 

This reading came as a total shock to me because it's so true. Recently, my boyfriend and I have been bickering more than we ever have, mostly due to me being easily annoyed. This reading made me take a step back and realize that I may be taking advantage of someone who truly cares about me.

I was advised that if I let go and allow myself to become dependent on a certain person, then they will help me blossom. If I feel the situation can't change and nothing is happening, this card recommends one to stop being stubborn and try to compromise. I'm a pretty stubborn person, but I'm really committed to changing my easily angered ways to try and be more approachable.

My Future

This card is The Three of Cups. This card represents female friendships, as seen by the three women together on the card, and happy relationships. This card foresees a time of prosperity and fun times with loved ones. I was recommended to allow myself to really trust people and turn to female friends for the love, support, and compassion I need.These people I connect with will truly be supportive and sympathetic towards my problem, and we can celebrate our accomplishments together. 

Overall, it's message is that it's important for me to trust people and really try to connect with my female friends, and hopefully this will lead me to lifelong friendships.

This card felt super accurate to me because I recently made some really good female friends that I'll be living with next semester, and I've been holding back a bit because I don't have many close female friendships. I'm going to take this card as a sign to really go for it and reach out!


This card is the Nine of Cups reversed. I was told that this card is saying that I may be upset my wishes aren't coming true as planned, or that my experiences didn't happen as expected. This card indicates that, emotionally, I may be feeling like there is a hole in my life that I want something to fill. I was told I may be feeling like a part of me is missing, or what I've been looking for has still not been found. 

I received some advice that it would be a good idea to keep other peoples emotions and feelings in my mind because right now I'm heavily focused on myself and don't think much about the impact I may have on other people.

I felt this reading was really accurate, and related to my study abroad experience. As you know, things didn't turn out as planned. In regards to the hole in my life, it may sound cheesy but I think it's referring to the fact that I'm away from my friend Amanda. That's the first thought that popped into my mind the second I was told the meaning of the card. Lastly, I've never been known to be super conscious of others, so I'll try to work on that!

I really enjoyed my reading today and I encourage everyone to get their tarot cards read at least once in their life! It was a really fun experience, thank you to for the reading, check out her page if you want to get an online reading of your choice!