VLOG: Flying First Class From Japan

Finally, my flight home vlog is up! This took a long time to edit, mostly because my camera is having a lot of issues these days. Another big reason this vlog was delayed is because of the emotional content in this video. Amanda's plane left before mine, and I get pretty emotional. I didn't film the exact moment we parted, but I did film right before and after.
Also in this video is some footage of the JAL First Class lounge, and what it's like to fly first class! True to my words, I slept the entire time, but I did take footage of almost all my meals, so I hope you'll find that interesting!

Amanda as we were shopping! She ended up carrying her purchases on the plane, as we couldn't find a suitcase she liked.

This is my window view. I had 3 windows I could look out of, but I mostly kept these closed during the flight.
The first class seat! There were only 8 of them, and they were super comfy. This seat turned into a very comfortable bed, and when I said I wanted to sleep, the stewardesses gave me a small mattress and blanket to sleep with. I was also provided some slippers and pajamas! My hands were full when I was leaving the plane, so I couldn't take the PJs with me.

This was a really nice perk! Everyone in first class had free wifi, so I listened to relaxing music as I slept thanks to my great internet connection! Inside this envelope is a tiny promotion code you can use to get free wifi using the flights internet service.

These were the headphones we received and WOW, these impressed me a lot. We weren't' allowed to keep them, but the noise canceling abilities of these headphones was totally unreal

A freebie! This was filled with goodies (shown below)
Goodies: tissues, earplugs, a face mask, an eye mask, dental floss, a toothbrush, toothpaste, some lotion and face wash. 

These headphones were incredible! Check out the tiny switch, that's used to control the noise canceling function. Once I switched it on, the plane sounds completely disappeared. I slept like a baby with these on!

 The Food

I requested the Vegan meal for this flight a few days beforehand, and they did not disappoint! While I found JAL's Business Class meals to be a bit lacking, these really knocked it out of the park! I highly recommend taking the vegan track when flying JAL.

Appetizer, some cold veggies with a hint of lemon juice.

Different colored peppers served in a mini iceberg wedge, some kind of carrot gelatin? I wasn't sure what this was exactly but it had some body to it and had the familiar tang of carrot.  Lemon wedge on the side.
Salsa with various peppers, onion, and cucumber. Very refreshing, and I'm not really a salsa fan!

The INCREDIBLE bread! 

This was served with the bread. A light oil, some salt with black peppercorns and some whipped margarine. The bread on this flight was incredible, I even asked the stewardess for more. Unfortunately, this was the Vegan meal only bread so they didn't have extra in stock.

The view from outside my window! Incredible. 

I requested some rice with pickled plum (shown down below) because I got peckish waiting for my main course. I later regretted this choice only because the main dish was so filling.

The main course! Some melon, a grape, asparagus, a cold couscous salsa and roasted chickpeas and assorted legumes! I found it all really tasty, even though I'm usually not a fan of cold food!
Couscous salsa mixture. Had some lemon notes!

A side salad I received!

This is my seat! I got up to snap a quick photo before my bed was being made, hence the pillow on the side.

I don't remember exactly when I ate this! I wasn't hungry at all at that time, so I barely touched this. The rice tasted great but the 'burger' was very... interesting. It's made of kale and some grains but the kale flavor was super pronounced, which I wasn't a fan of. The sauce tasted very smoky, but there was no real flavor besides the smoke. This burger desperately needed sauce though, as it was very dry. 

I received this meal for breakfast! This is a vegan take on 'egg', which I really liked. I usually don't like vegan egg substitutes but this tasted super good!

This is part of the dessert set they gave me. I didn't take video footage of this because I was exhausted at this point! But I'm glad I had enough energy to snap a photo! 
This is the hidden gem of all my meals on the flight. This doesn't look like much, but the chocolate flavor was so rich and intense, it was the perfect contrast to the mellow sweetness of the fruit.

The morning sky approaching New York!  

This is truly the end of my journey. I had a lot of mixed feelings going back, but in my heart, I knew this was the right thing to do. Japan, you're never too far away! Amanda, I'll see you again soon!