Celebrating Two Years Together -- Photo Diary

Yesterday, March 20th, was my two year anniversary with my boyfriend, Vincent. I decided to write this little post as a final 'Happy anniversary!' and to document what I did yesterday. I tried to do that whole '1 photo every hour' challenge, but because of the overcast weather in Albany, most of my photos didn't turn out too great. I hope you enjoy this short post!

My morning started out as usual! I teach a few classes online every morning, usually from 8:00 to 11 am, and then I head out to my first class.                                           

My instructor doesn't hold class every other week, so that meant I had no obligations other than the work I wanted to do. I decided to head to campus and visit the library, which I haven't done since freshman year. I had an assignment from one of my classes that required me to do some library research with a series of 12 Chinese dictionaries, so this was the best time for me to visit. It took me about an hour, but I managed to get everything done and my homework completed. It was oddly relaxing for me to just sit in the library and work. Right when I finished my work, Vincent got out of class around this time, so we met up!

We decided to eat in the Campus Center, which is a collection of restaurants in a lounge area at my school. I had a falafel rice bowl that I devoured (forgot to eat breakfast after teaching!) and Vincent had a sandwich.

We started talking about where we should go for our anniversary dinner, and he suggested we get sushi. I haven't had sushi since I'd gotten back from Japan, so I jumped at the chance to eat some. In downtown Albany there's a place called Kuma Ani which has an all you can eat sushi deal for 21.99 a person. We promised each other we would go, then loaded up the car to head home.

I bring a yellow mini backpack to school since all I usually bring is a planner, my pens, an iPad (seen in the photo on the left!) and a charger. If you'd like to see a 'What's in my Bag' type video, let me know!

At 5 we headed out to Kuma Ani, following Google maps down a long road that took us on a tour of Albany real estate. In a stroke of luck, we found a parking space right outside the restaurant, so we just walked right in.

The restaurant uses a paper and pencil at each table to record how much sushi you want. If you order enough, you can get a sushi boat, which is a platter shaped like a boat that's covered in sushi.

I've never ordered enough sushi to get a boat, but I hope I'll get there one day! In this photo, you can see Vincent filling out the form. The place was fairly empty, which was nice because we could talk in low voices.

There's this strange calm before the storm type silence that overtakes us sometimes before and during our meals, and this time was no different. Once the sushi was in front of me, the time for talking was over. I just sat there and ate in silence for 25 minutes straight, while Vincent did the same.

We're the couple that lowkey eavesdrops on conversations around us, so we listened to two college girls talk about how they were going to Warped Tour.

This is probably one of my favorite photos I took yesterday!

After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed back home only to get ready to go back out again. We were invited to watch 'The Greatest Showman' at a friends dorm, and since I thought that movie was great, I wanted to share it with Vincent. It ended up being a date night of sorts with two other couples!

I was playing the songs on repeat forever, so I was really excited that he said he'd see the movie. Overall, he enjoyed it, but we discussed the plotholes thoroughly in the car.

In the end, our anniversary was a nice day. We spent time together and had a nice dinner, just the two of us. The time we spend together is always some of the best time of the day.

I've been so blessed to have Vincent in my life for the past two years, and I hope there are many more years to come. Sometimes in the everyday shuffle of things we can forget what's really important. I know stress and responsibilities can overwhelm me at times, but having someone patient to fall back on when I need support is something that's helped me become a better person all around.

I like to think that I've affected him positively as well and that we boost each other up. That's one of the best things about being best friends with your SO!

So, for the last time, Happy 2 year anniversary!