How To: Stay Positive

I've been into How To posts lately, so I wanted to share some tips about something I struggled heavily within the past -- staying positive.

I find myself always promising myself in the beginning of every year that I want to be more positive, however as the months pass by, I usually forget my goals and let stress take me over. Through a series of trial and error I've learned what works and what doesn't, so here are some tips as to how to revolutionize your way of thinking RIGHT NOW to create the optimal environment to clear out negativity and reach your goals!

Though it may sound counterintuitive to preventing negativity it's necessary to reflect on your past mistakes and failures. This can be difficult to approach without bias as we often try to brush our mishaps under the rug and continue pushing forward. However, acknowledging our mistakes and identifying what exactly went wrong can help us build a stronger foundation to approach future problems.

Whether it be in your business or personal life, take time to identify what didn't work out and critically think as to why that is so. With this in mind, we can set a base goal, which is our goal that we work on a daily basis to fulfill. For example, if you were laid off this year, you can create the base goal that you want to find employment that makes you happy and fulfilled in your work.

I suggest having a physical representation of your positive mindset/goals. Keep a planner, write a journal, make a mood board, etc. Anything that can remind you to slow down and de-stress!

I've talked about how to do this in more depth in my 'How To Let Go of Toxic Relationships' post, which you can read here! To summarize: Getting rid of negative energy can manifest itself in physically cleaning, such as cleaning out your home, or analyzing your current relationships. If there are people or activities that weigh you down, keeping them in your life will perpetuate a cycle of negativity. This may be easier said than done as some toxic people may be those who are extremely close to us. It's important to understand that as time goes on, building close relationships with those who will encourage and foster your growth is something that you deserve.

Surrounding yourself with people and activities that stress you out will only hinder your personal growth, and affect your self-image. If you're hesitant to transition into this type of mindset, try taking small steps towards a specified goal. Distance yourself gradually from those who do not support you, or slowly cut down on a bad habit day by day. Gradual results are still results.

If you approach a situation with a self-doubting mindset, you're more than likely to fail. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and how you can play upon those to build a better environment for your success. Don't be afraid to acknowledge things that you do well. If you are an excellent writer, try writing a blog about a topic you're passionate about to showcase your talents. If you enjoy photography, make it an active part of your life by posting your photos on social media or perhaps sharing them in a portfolio.

Imagine: You're a multi-talented, confident person who is focused, driven and can accomplish anything. Make this statement, and many other positive affirmations, a part of your everyday life. Before anyone else can put their belief in you, you must first believe in yourself. Your power stems from your image of yourself, and improving your confidence is an essential part of adopting a healthy mindset in your everyday life.

I hope this post is helpful in some way, and if you're looking for a sign to stop the cycle of negativity and feel happier THIS IS IT! :)