How to Sign up for the JLPT in the US

If you're looking to take the JLPT in December of this year and are not sure when signups open, I'll be the first one to break it to you: it's today!

This morning at around 9 am the signup portal for online registration opened, and I committed to taking N2! I am beyond nervous, excited, scared, and a mix of 10 other emotions.

If you're curious about how to sign up while living in the United States, I've put together this guide on how to do so!

Visit the AATJ website.

The American Association of Teachers of Japanese hosts the web portal for the US sign ups. You can find the website here. 

This page has information about when the test will be, as well as the test sites throughout the United States. 

Please click the link in the box to be sent to the account registration and payment portal.

Sign up for an account

In another tab, this link will open up to reveal the account creation and registration page. At this point, you can click the registration button to create your JLPT account. Please enter all your information and at the end, you will be led to the payment processing page.

This registration process requires you to answer some questions, such as 'Where did you learn Japanese?' and 'Have you taken the JLPT before?'. They will also ask some questions regarding when you use Japanese, and there are a few options to choose from. Essentially they ask about a variety of situations and if you read, write, speak or listen in Japanese. Options include but aren't limited to work, family, friends, and school. 

If you need your JLPT scores for any reason, like for a job or to get into a school in Japan, they will also as that as well during the registration.

Please note they will ask you for a special code, called your Passcode, which you will need to access your scores later. Please don't forget this code!

Receive your confirmation email

A few minutes after you sign up and complete your payment, you will receive an email to the address you provided from the email address 

This will show you all the details you have selected as well as give you a receipt. This email will not have the details about where your test is exactly located, just the city you provided.  Please check the AATJ website for information about the testing center. Right now the testing centers still reflect last year's test and this announcement is listed:

Updated Test Site Information for 2019 at all test sites will be posted in October.

I hope this was helpful! Best of luck signing up for the test, and study hard!