Gift Exchange with a Friend in Korea!

 Hello, all~! A few weeks ago I received a gift from my friend in Korea who was introduced to me by my lovely friend Charis from coffeewithCharis (feel free to go check out her blog!) 

We did an exchange of different snacks from each other's countries, and she even sent me over a lovely bag and top! I thought it would be cute to share some of the snacks I received and review them. 

Please keep in mind I cannot read Korean so my review is based on my (somewhat unreliable) taste buds.

Here is everything I got (minus the shirt!) As you can see, I got an array of snacks as well as a brown bag. Ivy, the friend who sent me over all these things, must have read my mind: I have been wanting a tote bag forever and couldn't make up my mind on which to buy. I love this one because it feels sturdy, is big enough to fit an entire picnic blanket + snacks and has an inside pocket for my keys. This bag is 100% upcycled, meaning that its made exclusively from recycled materials. 

This is the shirt! The reason this whole gift exchange came to be is because of a Zoom call arranged by Charis. I saw Ivy wearing this top and private messaged her saying it was cute. I asked her where she got it and she said it was from a local store in Korea. She nicely offered to get me a matching one and we decided to make it an exchange! This top is one size which a lot of clothes in Korea are, so its a bit tight on my chest but hopefully I can find a way to wear it because it's really cute. 

This snack was one of my favorites! the cookie was really crisp and buttery and the chocolate was sweet. I gave this to my mom and sister as well and it was a hit! Also, I found the name 'Binch' to be kind of funny. 

This was my second favorite. These candies smelled like jolly ranchers but had the chew and taste of Laffy Taffy. I found the striped flavor (not sure) to be my favorite. 

So I could tell from analyzing the package this was supposed to have a BBQ chicken taste, and I didn't mind it but it wasn't my favorite. My mom really liked this one and said it tasted cheesy, haha.

I'm not sure what flavor these are but I got a bit of a caramel corn kind of feel from them, but much lighter. 

This is the one that I refused to share. I love cookies and cream flavored anything, so once I saw this I instantly knew I would like it. The weather has been hot lately so when this arrived the sticks were kind of melted together. Luckily, it didn't affect the flavor at all and they were all wonderful!

Thank you again to Ivy for providing this wonderful package! See you next time ^^)