A Weekend in Pennsylvania

This weekend was a lesson in petting frogs, experiencing nature, and self-evaluating.
Like everyone else, I've been homebound for months. At the beginning of quarantine, my room was a safe haven for me to decompress and grow on my own. As the months passed, I began to feel more suffocated in the space that was supposed to shelter me. I began to lack motivation, lose interest in my hobbies, and itch to go outside to do anything. That's where the first seed of an idea for this trip was planted. 

Like a lot of other people in quarantine, I've been really into the concept of cottagecore. I've had a cottagecore themed Tumblr blog for about 2 years now, and with the aesthetics rise in popularity recently I've gotten a lot more content and things to ponder about the lifestyle. I wanted to find a getaway in a place close to nature, a place that thrived on slow living. I can't say that the suburb where I live is necessarily fast-paced, but it's a stark contrast from the acres of cornfields I encountered this past weekend.

I pet a lot more animals than I expected. I photographed Kristina attempting to pet a very nice frog, who graciously let us pet his back a bit before hopping back into the water. I pet the small brown calf pictured above! I was really surprised to see that calves don't have all black eyes (like doe) but a massive black pupil and a bit of white. I also found out that they have squared teeth. Lastly, I pet a barn cat who was sitting around some picnic tables. He really wanted a bite of my ice cream, but I held onto my will and didn't give him any!

It's hard to put into words, but this trip was a bit of an introspective journey for me. I felt the weight of my insecurities more than I usually do, likely because I was in a new environment with new people. I had to constantly check and evaluate my emotions, something that I've been working on through DBT with my therapist. All in all, I'm really happy I went and I had a wonderful time. I made some great memories (watching Pride and Prejudice for the first time, chatting about T.Chalamet during the King, struggling to create a fire in the backyard, etc) with some great people. That's what life is all about :)

Thank you for reading.