Gotogate: The Flight Scam Promoted on Google Flights

If you've looked into booking a flight this year, you may have seen some companies promoting on Google Flights boasting discounted rates. Back in March, I was one of those people looking for a flight to France for late in the year when things would be 'all better' and came across the company Gotogate.

Mistake number 1: I didn't do what you are doing right now, which is googling this company to see its reputation. I didn't check out customer reviews or even question why the rate was 200 dollars less than booking directly with an airline. I saw that it was cheaper and the site seemed trustworthy at a glance. Without much hesitation, I handed over $450 and was set to fly.

Or so I thought.

If you're looking to book through Gotogate with TAP Portugal to fly to the south of France, like I was, my best advice would be: don't. 

Gotogate is an extremely shady and fraudulent company that will not only take your money but actively lie to you. Within a few months of booking my flight, I got an email out of nowhere that my flight was canceled due to COVID. They said 'Call us!' and that's it. 

I called them several times and each time they refused to refund me for the flight, told me to call my bank, and even hung up on me at one point. They wanted to charge me an additional 90 dollars each way to move the flight to another time, and I said 'No, I'd just like my money back please'. Click. Call ended. 

I brought this up with my bank and though I submitted documents, called countless times, and gave all information possible, they told me there was nothing they could do because I booked with a third party. 

On top of all this, I soon discovered my flight wasn't actually canceled. 

TAP Portugal was emailing me the entire time, sending me updates when my flight changed times and even sending emails like this:

I've been constantly reminded of a flight I couldn't take, as well as the money I spent that basically helped pad the pockets of Gotogate. And what did the airline say? 'Call the third party, we can't help you' 

TAP sent this email months after I asked for help getting a refund from Gotogate. And no, there was no resolution.

If this "review" has one takeaway it's this: DO NOT use cheap third-party flights that look too good to be true, because they are. You end up losing more money in the long run by trying to chase a good deal, and I learned that the hard way.