April Playlist: What I'm Listening To

Last year around this time I made a springtime playlist post. I found it really fun to do, so I thought it would be a lovely time to share what I've been listening to this month. 

I will share a disclaimer and say these songs do not have a 'spring' vibe to them, they are just songs that have been on repeat on my iPod. Hopefully, you find a song you vibe with in this list. I'm always open to finding new sounds, so please feel free to comment some music you've been listening to and share the love.

Devita - Show Me

This is a live performance, but the vocals are so amazing I actually downloaded this version over the official audio. I love her look, her voice, her confidence, just everything. This video caught my attention and got me into my DeVita obsession, so you'll notice the next two tracks are also by her.

DeVita - Song 4 U

I can't find the official audio for this track yet, so it may be released on her next EP. Either way, I love this live version. DeVita is currently a soloist under the label AOMG.

DeVita -  Let U In

This is a track she released with rapper Colde, and I heard the official audio for this bit felt like DeVita's vocals didn't shine as much. This live version shows she's really feeling herself, and the cow dress fit is everything. 

The Neighbourhood - Void

I heard this song through a Youtube channel that makes aesthetic music videos for songs that may not have an official one. Unfortunately, that video does have some drug use in it, and I didn't want to post anything that would make anyone uncomfortable so I linked the one below instead. This song is perfect for playing loudly on your headphones while dancing in your room, trust me. 

The Black Skirts - Who Do You Love

This song gives me "last dance with your crush as prom is winding down" vibes, and that's the best way I can think to describe it. 

Ghostly Kisses - J'ai demandé à la lune

Similar to the artist's name, the song itself has such a ghostly, romantic type of whisper to it. It's a little eerie, a little soft, and very nice for a lonely cold night. 

Peach PRC - Josh

I was shown this song by a good friend, and it was exactly the type of cyber bubblegum pop type song that I've been itching to hear on the radio. The aesthetic, the lyrics, all of it are so fun and make you want to dance. I think Peach has a good following on Tiktok and originally found some fame there before making music, as this is her first-ever track. I first heard this song when it had only 300k views, I hope this song get's more and more popular and passes 1 million soon!

Lana Del Rey - Yes to Heaven

This is in no way a new track, but it's one that I heard once, lost, and have now discovered again thanks to this wonderful music video edit. Yes to Heaven is actually one of Lana's many unreleased tracks dating back to 2013, there are a few different versions out there on the internet but this one is my favorite. 


I couldn't make a playlist post without including my favorite kpop group right now: STAYC. They had their first comeback with ASAP and I am so proud of the numbers they are doing on this track. The song is fun and incredibly catchy, and you may find yourself doing the chorus dance! If you haven't given STAYC a listen, I highly recommend ASAP.

Thank you very much for reading and happy listening!