Photostory: Welcoming Spring & Saying Goodbye to a Friend

One week has officially gone by in April, I can't believe it. In a few days I'm hoping to publish a post with some good news that's been in the works for a while, but for today I thought it would be nice to post some of the photos I've taken this past month! 

The weather is starting to even out and get warmer so I've been able to go out a bit more and do things outdoors. Just yesterday I went on my porch with my iPod in my pocket and enjoyed the beautiful spring breeze while doing some steps. I had a moment where I just stood there and felt so happy to be outside, and that's the beauty of spring!

I've gradually been adding to my spring wardrobe and getting more cottagecore inspired pieces, and it makes me so happy to put them on and dress up, even if it's just for my eyes only. Here are some outfits I wore recently! Of course, no outfit would be complete without my lacy socks and fuzzy house slippers. The glowing purple light behind me is actually a plant light I recently purchased that has made my succulents thrive (and it adds a cool hue to the room)!

With spring comes change, and unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to my good friend Yoon who's moving back to Korea. We decided to have a sleepover for a few days as a sort of 'going away party' for just the two of us, which was incredibly fun. We would wake up, boot up our laptops to work from home, and spend the day together working and chatting. It was a really fun experience and it made me wish that we spent more time together before the pandemic hit. 

When we were off the clock, we headed into NYC with the goal of getting to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but when we finally got there we realized it was too dangerous to attempt. Apparently, a lot of other people had the same idea as us, and the bridge seemed so much more tight and narrow than before. We saw the crowds of people walking on, and thought it best if we skipped it this time around. It was bittersweet, as I could tell my friend really wanted to experience it one last time before leaving, but we managed to have a lovely time despite this setback, and she took me places I've never been before!

I love Korean food and going to Koreatown, but she showed me a lunchbox-style place that was perfect for eating together in Bryant Park. The kimchi fried rice I had (pictured above) was some of the best I've ever had in my life, and it wasn't even hot. It was a chilly day so we cycled between eating, taking our coats off, taking another bite, then putting our coats back on, which was funny. We ended up shimming over to a spot where the sun was shining so we could stop shivering and finish our food.

I had heard of Lady M crepes in the past (I think I bookmarked them on Google Maps once) but had never been, so Yoon treated me to some crepes in Battery Park. The matcha crepe cake, pictured hiding behind the strawberry slice, was my favorite. I was so inspired by this cake that I actually attempted to make it myself when I got back home! My matcha crepe cake took me about 4 hours to make (and for good measure I left it in the fridge overnight) but it was such a labor of love and it tasted amazing!

Yoon and I even attempted to make kimbap together, which was so much fun. We began eating the kimbap thinking "I feel like something's missing..." and that's when we realized: we forgot the pickled radish! We ended up adding the pickled radish and leftover trimmings on the side along with some kimchi, and it was delicious. Something about making food yourself seems to make the taste 10 times better than if you got it at the supermarket, and this occasion was no different.

Overall, I had a really amazing time and I wish Yoon well on her trip back home. I'm hoping one day we will meet again in New York, but I'm definitely not opposed to heading over to Korea! Our goodbye was not a permanent goodbye, but just an elongated "see you later". :)

As always, thank you for reading!

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