Japanese-French Youtube Channels To Subscribe To!

Breaking news: My big move to France is only 14 days away! Bags are being packed, jobs are being wrapped up, and everything is coming to a close. With all this change, I've taken a look at my Youtube subscriptions to try and tailor the content I'm watching to my target languages: Japanese and French.
Through some deep diving, I've found some wonderful Japanese YouTubers living abroad in France that give me the best of both worlds.

Today I have prepared 5 channels that have helped me maintain my Japanese, while also giving me some insight into life in France. These channels produce content that highlights their day-to-day life abroad. Two of the channels I'll recommend today are family focused, while the other 3 channels focus on various antique and vintage markets/shops scattered around France. What I like about these channels is that they all offer subtitles, so I can choose to either listen to the video or practice my reading skills. 

All that said, let's get started!

'Nolie' is run by a Japanese woman named Noriko living in France, married to a French man. They have a half Japanese half-French son named Kei who is currently 2 years old. She posts videos showing her son's language acquisition process in both French and Japanese, and also shares general lifestyle content. 

A unique point is that Nolie does subtitles in French and Japanese so that even when her French in-laws are speaking, you're able to follow the conversation in Japanese.

If you're interested in what raising a child abroad in France looks like for a Japanese person, this channel is for you! Kei is adorable and it's so fun seeing his Japanese and French improve as he gets older. 

Here is a video I enjoyed from her channel!

2. quatre saisons

Quarte Saisons (meaning four seasons in French) is run by a Japanese woman named Sayaka who has lived all over France. Her Youtube channel was started in 2020 but her thumbnails and shots look so professional! Sayaka frequently travels to different villages around France and takes videos of the local sights. Her aesthetic way of capturing scenes is very calming to watch, I like to curl up on the couch with some tea whenever she uploads. 

A unique point is that she travels with her husband who is Alsacien but can actually speak and understand a lot of Japanese. I was pretty impressed by this! If you're interested in discovering places in France you may not have heard of before, I recommend this channel! There are subtitles in many different languages, so there is something for everyone.

Here is a video I enjoyed from her channel!

3. TsuzuRisaKitchen in Paris

TsuzuRisa is a former cooking instructor and mom of one who moved to Paris, France in 2020. She posts videos about fashion, her 2 year old daughter, and the recipes she makes living in Paris.  I love the chic vibes she gives off and that she talks to the camera how she would talk to a close friend! 

A unique point is that she originally started her channel exclusively doing cooking videos but gradually expanded and made it more personal, showing her family, beauty tips, and interest in fashion. I recommend this channel to anyone who is looking to watch an 'influencer' on the rise! 

Here is a video I enjoyed from her channel!

4. GOROGORO Kitchen

If you love antiques and watching people shop, this is the channel for you! Gorogoro Kitchen lives in Paris with her husband and takes videos of her hunts in different antique shops, as well as her 'slow living' themed life at home.

A unique point, which I find really endearing, is that her husband accompanies her on her antique crawls. It's wholesome to watch as it's clear that she's passionate about the things she buys and he is so supportive of her! I recall watching one of their videos where she points out several items that she thinks are cute, and her husband responds with what he likes about each piece.

Here is a video I enjoyed from her channel!

The channel Sakura in Dordogne is run by a Japanese woman named Aki who lives with her British husband in the French countryside. Her videos show local life in small villages, and also demonstrate some DIY cooking and crafting tutorials. Her channel is the smallest on this list and was a random find for me, I hope you can check it out and subscribe!

A unique point of this channel is the crafting tutorials she offers to create rustic looking, French inspired pieces. If you're into home renovations or customizing furniture, this would be a great channel for you to check out!

Here is a video I enjoyed from her channel!

I hope this short list showed you some new Franco-Japanese Youtubers! I have some other Japanese channels that I'm currently watching and getting to know; I hope to make another blog post in the future after I have seen more of their videos and gotten a good feel for their content. 

For now, thanks for reading!