My Big Move to Dijon, France

Hello everyone! 

Earlier this week, I boarded a one way flight to Paris, France, with my final destination being Dijon. I managed to capture a bit of footage of my journey and wanted to share it here with all of you, along with some details on travel to France post COVID.

I think I expected this journey to be a very tiring and emotional one, but once I was in the airport I felt oddly calm and ready to go. Though my stomach was flip flopping with anxiety the night before, I suddenly wasn't nervous at all.

Though this short vlog isn't the most interesting, but Guillaume and I put a lot of love into it so I hope you enjoy it! I'm going to work harder on my cinematography in the future. 

For those concerned about safety while travelling during COVID, Delta airlines requires passengers to keep their masks on during the flight. While going through border security, masks were also required so though I was in tight quarters with other people, I wasn't as worried. 

I had to travel through border police where I showed my passport, visa and vaccination card. The process took about 30 minutes simply due to the massive amount of people trying to enter the country, the actual 'check' portion was less than a minute.

For those that do not have a vaccination card and wish to travel to France for tourism, the current protocol is to bring a PCR test with you that proves you are COVID negative. I encountered some people on the line I was waiting on that did NOT bring a PCR test, meaning they might be denied entry. 

France is currently open to American tourists, and I encourage you to visit if you get the chance! The weather right now is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than New York in the Paris/Dijon general area, so you really feel the crisp of autumn.

After walking around the airport a bit, I finally found Guillaume. We have been separated for the past 18 months due to travel bans, and now we are finally reunited! Together, we boarded a subway to take us to Paris Bercy (as you'll see in the vlog) and took a train to Dijon.

I really love this new city and I'm excited to show more of it in the future. Please stay tuned for future videos and, if you'd like, follow Guillaume and I's joint instagram account: @aliceetguimauve

Thanks for reading!