Autumn/Winter Moodboards for 2021

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons. 

After spending fall/winter 2020 stuck cuddling up indoors, I feel that 2021 is all about going out there and seeing nature up close, dressing warm and feeling free. 

I wanted to create some boards with some Pinterest images that inspired me and reminded me of what an idyllic autumn and winter feel like.  

I've tried making moodboards once in the past, so I'm still very much a novice at it, but I hope you enjoy!

I put this one first since it feels the most cohesive out of the 3. As the weather gets colder, I'm seeing many French girls wearing plaid blazers with a black or brown belt, and I've wanted to jump on the trend myself. 

Rather than pastels or neons, I'm surrounded by a lot of deep and natural tones everyday, like chocolate brown, maroon and black. I wanted this moodboard in particular to give off an air of academia and luxury.

I tried to go for a more cottagecore/librarian vibe with this moodboard, with a grassy green being my main focus point. My inspiration behind picking a library type theme is that I thought that I'd be in the library a lot since becoming a Master's student. Unfortunately, I haven't spent much time there since it's more modern and grey than the 'comfy library' vibe I expected.

I included the black shoes with lettuce edged socks since I thought they encompassed a dark academia type feel, while also being stylish and feminine. 

This last moodboard was inspired by cooking at home. I tried to center it around the image of the woman preparing food at her table, it just has such amazing autumn cozy vibes. 

I included the swatches at the top as colors and textures I took from that bottom image, and I tried to think about what this woman's wardrobe might look like when looking for the images of different shirts.

 The brown loafer heels have been really popular online recently, and the ones listed are from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 collection.

I hope to see you all soon in my next vlog coming next month, so be on the lookout for that! Happy Halloween!