What I Wore to Work as an HR Intern

Hello friends!
I am finally finished with my internship and I thought it would be a fun idea to show you some of the outfits that I wore to the office. This year, one of my resolutions was to start building my dream wardrobe, and by that I meant that I wanted to buy clothes that I've always want…

Wearing RIHOAS in the South of France [Review]

While trying to escape the cold winter weather of Dijon, I spent 10 days in the South of France with my boyfriend and his family. A month before I packed my bags, Rihoas and I were in discussion about doing a collaboration post to show off some of the items from their brand. When I went to their we…

Love Twee Fashion? Here's 5 Brands on ASOS I Recommend

If you've ever seen 'New Girl' starring Zooey Deschanel, you may have found yourself in the position I've been for the past week: googling the fashion of Jessica Day and frantically making Pinterest boards. Her style is fun, quirky, full of colors, and channels whimsical vintage vib…

Autumn/Winter Moodboards for 2021

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons. 
After spending fall/winter 2020 stuck cuddling up indoors, I feel that 2021 is all about going out there and seeing nature up close, dressing warm and feeling free. 
I wanted to create some boards with some Pinterest images that inspired…

Do It Like Diana: Oversized Sweater Trends Fit for a Princess

The ever influential Princess Diana's style lives on to this day as 90's fashion circles back into the mainstream media. With the oversized sweater trends popping up all over Instagram and popularized by celebs (I'm sure Ariana Grande comes to mind) I thought I would go a bit in-depth i…

Euphoria: Vintage in the Modern World

Like most people, I came across ‘thrifting’ accidentally: in my YouTube recommendations eight years ago. I saw videos upon videos of people looking through piles of old clothing in search of that one good piece. Now, I find myself doing the same at thrift stores throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

One Surprising Accessory I Always Wear

In my quest to find a staple accessory that I can wear it no matter the season, I've come across an unlikely find that I've been wearing all along and hadn't thought much about.

If you've run into me anytime in the past 4 years or so you've probably noticed something on my face…

Micro Bag Madness: The Tiny Bag Trend That Keeps Getting Smaller

Tiny bags have been one of the hottest trends to emerge in 2019, with Lizzo's recent American Music Awards look becoming what I'm calling the mini peak of tiny bag trend culture. How did these bags, despite their inability to hold anything, become the 'it-girl' accessory of 2019?