My New Year's Resolutions for 2022

Happy New Year!!

In 2020, I decided to start doing check ins for my resolutions and posting 6 month updates, which has been really helpful for staying accountable. In 2021, I continued that trend and posted my 6 month update that you can read here, or scroll down to get a bit of a final summary!

At this time last year, I really didn't know what was ahead of me. I wrote: "I have a gut feeling my life is going to undergo big changes in 2021", and boy was I correct! I applied for my Masters program in February, got accepted in April, and quit my job at the end of July to move to France. I always feel very grateful and humbled when reading my resolution posts from the past few years, it's a concrete reminder that my plans can always change, and that I'm constantly growing.

2021 Resolution Review: 

 (What I did and didn't accomplish)

⚠️ A work in progress
⭕ Success!
❌ Fail

⭕ Reach Level 100 in Ring Fit Adventure

I got Ring Fit Adventure for Christmas 2020 and the first two months I had it, I was a fiend for it. I was consistently playing around 30 minutes to an hour everyday up until January 30th. For the rest of the year, I got a bit busy with work and fell off, only doing it every few weeks or so. Despite that, I was able to reach level 100 before the summer! Currently, I rarely play Ring Fit and have been trying different Youtube workout routines and stretches to keep myself in shape. Last week, Guillaume created his Ring Fit profile and had a lot of fun playing the first level, so maybe I'll be seeing more of this game in 2022.

⭕ Achieve B1 Fluency in French

Sources (aka Guillaume) confirmed that I am currently B1 in French! I actually finished the B1 course at my university and learned a few things, so now I feel more confident in identifying my level. I have yet to find out how I did on the final exam, but my fingers are crossed. 

⭕ Save $40,000

I saved a bit over 40k thanks to work and graduation party presents, and currently I'm watching my balance slowly trickle down as I make payments for my schooling, but that's what it was all for! I feel happy about my finances, though I wish I could have a little bit of side income to supplement my spending.

⭕ Move out of my parents home

In 2021, I achieved the small, simple apartment of my dreams, moving in with my long distance boyfriend and finally getting 'offline'. The apartment is fully furnished, which is a big blessing since we had very little start up costs and could just move in and enjoy. Now, we mostly decorate depending on the holiday and add little bits and bobs here and there. We recently got a small treadmill off Facebook marketplace, which is fun for little walks when the weather is cold. All in all, I love my apartment and living in Dijon!

⚠️ Simplify my life

I think I sort of accomplished this goal, but it's a bit broad so it's hard to say I really achieved it, hence the emoji choice. 

I do spend a LOT less time on my phone due to two main factors: 1. My long distance boyfriend is now a very short distance away (think bedroom to kitchen distance) and 2. My cell service in France is awful, so I don't spend much time on my phone if there's no Wifi available. It's not to say I don't use my phone at all, but I've been able to have some days where I barely touch it, and my social media presence (outside of our couple Instagram) has plummeted.

I own a lot less now that I'm living abroad. I paired down my wardrobe during the move, which was nice but also resulted in the 'I have nothing to wear' feeling coming on in full force recently. However, my apartment is fairly minimal and Gui and I work hard to keep it clean!

As for my goal to watch less Youtube, I still spend a lot of time on the platform, but I try to multitask while watching rather than just sitting around or laying in bed. I'll watch videos while doing my hair or makeup, or while cooking. 

2022 Goals and Resolutions:

B2 in French

Naturally, since I am now B1, my next goal is B2! I've been debating if I should take the DELF exam while in France, and I think I probably will sometime during my two year stay here, but for now I'm fine with my self evaluation style of learning. 

Once I get comfortable enough saying I'm B2 in French, I think I can branch out into proficiency tests and really pushing the limits of my abilities, like trying to work a part time job where I use French, speaking only French with my friends, etc!

Visit 3 new countries

I'm fortunate to be in Europe, where a cheap flight over to Greece or Poland will only set me back around 20 to 50 euros if I play my cards right and pack basically nothing. I really want to see more places and explore, which is something I never expected to feel! 

Throughout my life, I had been totally content with just hopping from Japan to New York and back, but I've been bit by the travel bug since moving to Dijon and it's made me want to see more of the world. Recently, I've been really interested in going to Estonia or Luxembourg! 

Finish 2 Japanese textbooks

This goal is pretty specific, and this is due to the fact that I didn't want to repeat my previous 'Pass N2' goal. While I'm in Japan next fall, I may take the N2 again to assess my progress, and to prepare me for the exam and just living in Japan again in general, I want to successfully complete two textbooks. 

I'm actually starting with the textbook I used during my undergraduate days, since I barely learned anything sitting in my UAlbany classroom, and will continue onto the textbook I used while at Waseda. I want to review these two books in their entirety and work hard to grasp the concepts that I've been shaky on these past few years. 

Exercise 3x a week

There always seems to be a health/fitness based goal on my list, and this year is no different. Rather than set a number like '10 pounds' or ban a food from my diet with a rule such as 'No pasta', I want to become more active, both for weight loss and my overall health. 

Since moving to France, I've been walking a lot more and trying some exercise videos online. I'm slowly building up a workout routine that I'm comfortable with and can do at home. I even picked up a cute pink yoga mat this week to further motivate me. When I say 3 times a week, I'm not including walking as a workout unless my steps are over 10,000, so my focus will mainly be strength building, pilates and yoga exercises.

I wish you all a happy new year and much luck to your resolutions! Let's make 2022 an amazing year! :)