6 Month Update: My Resolutions for 2022

Hello friends and welcome back to another 6 month update! I'm considering calling this series "Resolution Recap", let me know what you think. 

If you've never seen one of these posts from me before, I write this entry once a year in June to provide a 6 month update to how my resolutions I made in January are coming along. This really helps me stay accountable for the things I'd like to get done, and gives me a baseline to see improvements as each year passes. I started doing this in 2020 and I'm still going strong! 

To read my resolution post from 2022, click here

 (What I did and didn't accomplish so far)

⚠️ A work in progress
⭕ Success!
❌ Fail

⚠️ B2 in French

A few months ago I found out that my masters program pays to have everyone in the program take a proficiency test in the last semester, which for me will be next spring. This exam is called the DELF, and it's basically the French version of the JLPT, but a bit harder. Unlike the JLPT, the DELF has sections such as an oral interview and essay. 

Due to this, I've shifted my goal a bit to "Pass the B2 DELF" or at least "Become B2 before taking the test". I think my French has reached a bit of a plateau and I'd like to jump into reading more in French to help increase my vocabulary base. My biggest concern for the B2 exam is actually the written portion, so doing some targeted writing exercises will probably my best bet for improving. 

⭕Visit 3 new countries

I've done it! 

As of today, I have accomplished my goal! In February, I visited Krakow, Poland. In May, I managed to visit 2 more places: Amsterdam and London, accomplishing my goal. 
Out of all the places I've been, I think Krakow was my favorite (you can read my post about it here). 

I haven't managed to make my way over to Estonia or Luxembourg like I'd planned, but I still have a lot of time before my program ends to hop on a train or plane and go. Before the summer ends, I hope I have time to explore more of France with Guillaume! 

Also, I'll be adding another country to my 'visited' list very soon, as I leave tomorrow afternoon for a 10 day trip in Jordan. Stay tuned for that post at the end of the month. 

⚠️ Finish 2 Japanese textbooks

I have to admit, I've been falling behind on this one. 

I made it to chapter 13 of the book 'An Intermediate Approach to Japanese', but since my classes have ended I've slowed down considerably. While I liked the book, I realized I wasn't really engaging with my notes after I wrote them, and it made me ponder if all this textbook focused work was really being retained in my brain. 

Since then I've sort of switched my approach to a reading intensive one. I've notoriously disliked reading in Japanese, but recently I've felt a shift in both my attitude and my reading stamina, as I've changed up my methods. I may write a blog post about this and include some of my resources, but for now I'm going to read more and perhaps pull away from traditional textbooks. 

⚠️ Exercise 3x a week

This goal has fluctuated a lot. I have weeks where I exercise halfheartedly once then flop back on my yoga mat and I also have weeks where every other day I'm following some sort of home exercise video.
I have to be honest -- I don't like working out. 

No matter if I'm doing it at a gym or sitting in my living room, it's just not something I enjoy doing. That being said, I really like how I feel after I'm done and I enjoy the results even more. My weight has somewhat stabilized and isn't as low as I would like it to be, but I'm working on eating high protein, nutrient dense meals and doing strength exercises along with walking. I'm also trying to look away from the number on the scale and focus more on how I look and feel. 

In conclusion, I think things are going pretty well! Writing these posts always re-motivates me to accomplish my goals, and I'm hoping by January 2023 I can check everything off my list with pride. Wishing you all a productive rest of the year: you can do it!