Wearing RIHOAS in the South of France [Review]

While trying to escape the cold winter weather of Dijon, I spent 10 days in the South of France with my boyfriend and his family. A month before I packed my bags, Rihoas and I were in discussion about doing a collaboration post to show off some of the items from their brand. When I went to their website and saw their warm, vintage vibes, I knew that it would pair perfectly with the orange and beige architecture of southern France. Excited for my first fashion collab, I said "yes".

This post will be a review of the items I received from Rihoas. 

For full transparency, I will be giving my honest opinion about each piece listing what I liked and didn't like. I wore each piece several times over the duration of my trip to try and match it with different things and see how it fit in my wardrobe. 

Lastly, Rihoas has given me a discount promo code that you can use at checkout: 


About Rihoas

I had never heard of Rihoas before they reached out to me, so I did a deep dive on their website, 

Immediately, you get a sense of what they're about: classic, vintage looking pieces that fit into a modern day wardrobe. If you know me then you know I'm all about retro fashion, so this seemed right up my alley.

Rihoas is inspired by European vintage films and the elegance of their leading ladies, and so a group of young people from Hong Kong decided to come together and create a brand that reflected the style of the women they saw on the big screen. Rihoas is fairly new to the scene, as it started in 2021, but it's already making a name for itself online and on Instagram with over 370k followers. Here is their Instagram account. 

Rihoas is also concerned with sustainability and waste reduction. Currently, they use 20% sustainable fabrics in their clothing, with the aim of using up to 90% by 2030. The fabrics they use are handpicked by their Research and Development staff, such as Viscose which is biodegradable. 

The Pieces 

I was sent 3 pieces by Rihoas along with a small silk scarf (not photographed). Both sweaters are now sold out because they were seasonal items, but the skirt is still available! 

Here's what I got:

The Argyle Pattern High Waisted Slit Midi Skirt

This skirt is currently 9% off, listed on the website for $29 USD. There is a transitional seasonal campaign going on so if you like the skirt, I recommend grabbing it before it's gone! 
Note that this skirt comes in one size, so be sure to check the measurements listed in the websites' description. Link to skirt! 

What I Liked:

♥ The skirt is thick, making it perfect for fall and winter.

♥ I thought this pattern was cute and I liked the mix of dark and chocolate browns. 

♥ I think the slit in the back is pretty and gives you more freedom when you're walking. 

♥ When paired with a well-fitted top, this can be a perfect work outfit. 

What I Didn't Like:

♥ I've never worn a long skirt like this before and sort of realized that long skirts made me look a bit hobbit-like since I'm already so short, so I had to admit I had a bit of trouble styling this with the sweaters I ordered. If you're a bit taller than me (153cm) I think this would look a little more flattering!

The Round Neck Ribbed Embroidered Sweater

Unfortunately, this sweater has sold out and is no longer in stock! A new seasonal campaign has begun so be sure to check the website if you like designs like this. For example, this white cardigan also has some embroidered flowers!

What I Liked:
♥ The embroidered flowers were so pretty in real life and the fabric of the sweater is very thick.

♥ I like the little details of the knit, like the knitting pattern near the collar and the sleeves.

♥ I found the color to be pretty, it's like a dark mustard.

What I Didn't Like:
♥ If you look at the first photo, the shoulder seam is way below my shoulder, so it looks like a random line in the middle of my upper arm. This sweater is one size, so it makes sense that it doesn't fit perfectly, but I would have liked to go one size smaller if I could have. 

The Yellow V-Neck Pullover Fluffy Sweater

This sweater is also no longer available as Rihoas makes the transition from winter to spring, but if you like fuzzy sweaters this purple off-shoulder fuzzy sweater might interest you! 

What I Liked:
♥ This sweater is the ultimate comfy sweater. It's thick, warm, and the fuzz is very soft, not at all itchy like some fuzzy sweaters can be.

♥ I love the light yellow color, it's probably my favorite shade of yellow!

♥ I think the v-neck is a very flattering cut.

What I Didn't Like:


In conclusion, I was impressed with the quality of Rihoas clothing. When I picked each item, I was impressed by the photos and interested in seeing what I would receive. All the clothes came in folded and placed individual plastic bags and only took about 1-2 weeks to ship to France. 

I tried on each item and didn't find any loose strings, missing buttons or tears anywhere. As stated on the website, the fabric is high quality. The two sweaters were thicker than I had expected, which is a good thing when you have long, cold winters! When looking at the embroidered sweater, I could see the threads clearly and none were poking out. I'll definitely be ordering from Rihoas in the future!

Thank you again to Rihoas for collaborating with me on this post! 

For all my readers who'd like to make a purchase from Rihoas, they have offered Sincerely, Alice readers 20% off using the code: 


Thanks for reading and I'll see you real soon! x